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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pat Condell Is Awesome Sometimes....

This is EXCELLENT, take the time to watch the whole thing.


  1. Pat is usually awesome. He's one the great, straight-shooting commentators we have.

    BTW, I'm commenting to this one and not your "comment on this post" post. I'm here usually once a day. You post so much we have to visit all the time just to keep up.

  2. That. Was. Awesome! I love this guy! Pat for Secretary of State!

  3. He is, of course, 100% correct.

    "To the shores of Tripoli" isn't in the Marine Corps Anthem because it rhymes with something!

    Time to start a New Crusade, methinks....

  4. I wish I could speak as clearly as he does; he says everything I wish I could put into words, which I stand by 100%. Islam is a clear and present danger. Period. There is no tolerance on their part, only demanded from us. Well, fuck them. All of them. This video should be required viewing, but the libtards would still find excuses for their islamakazi "victims". What a sad state of affairs. If you question whether or not Islam is pure, unadaultered evil, just visit thereligionofpeace.com. I dare you; 15-30 minutes a day, and dig into the facts the site lays out. Okay, leaving my soap box for a beer and some Netflix.

  5. I am a big fan of this blog and very anti jihad myself, but according to Debbie Schlussel Pat Condell is “Jew-Hating, Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel Bigot.” as well as anti islam. Look up her blog post on this guy.


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