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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can't ....Look......awaaaaay........


  1. Good Lord in Heaven, there are just no words... I mean, one of two things happened here. Either she shoe-horned that ass into a regular size hot-pink garter belt (assuming that's what that is) or someone out there is making lingerie in XXXXL sizes. And should be stopped. Law of Nature: Men over the age of 8 should never wear Speedos, women with more than one X before the L should not wear certain garments in public. Thongs and garters come to mind. Well, I guess there were some words after all.

  2. Irishman, you owe me one gallon of EYE BLEACH!!!!

  3. Good Gawd, was that pic taken from inside a Walmart looking to the parking lot? That's ALMOST as bad a male plumbers crack, almost.

  4. The guy sitting on the bench sure seems to be gawking.


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