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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Tuesday MILFY Monday!....

Reader Gary took me to task , so you can thank him, for missing MILFY Monday.

So I will make it up by giving you a baker's dozen......


  1. Third from bottom looks like a dude, all the rest get two thumbs up though.

  2. Very nice selection!

  3. Reader Gary objected to the beauties?

    Who is he to object?

    Ignore criticism. This is your blog.

    The ladies are not all spectacular, but then barrel-aged bourbon is not the same as week-old vodka. They both achieve the same result - if the result is the effect.

    I am no prude but as I age I find myself less interested in the perfect bodied twenty-year-olds that so many consider to be beautiful. They look like children.

    But, unlike Reader Gary, I understand their attraction to people who are not in my age group. He should do the same.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I just want to clarify. Gary sent me an email busting on me that I didnt post my weekly MILFY monday on monday, that's why I did it today. :)



  4. Louis C. K says that he is attracted to women, not girls. Says you are not a woman until a human being falls from between you legs and crushes all of your dreams.

  5. I was a bad boy, which of the ladies wants to spank me??!!


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