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Monday, January 9, 2012

YA...It's Got a HEMI !! ...."VICTORY SIREN"

I found the top picture online and wanted to see what I could find out about it:

It's amazing how many sites come up when you google "VICTORY SIREN"

I found this video after some searches.

I wasn't born in the 50's but I'm sure 
some of my readers must have heard these???


  1. I need an alarm clock like that :)

  2. Need one of those at the next Obot fun fest.

  3. A guy who used to be in my Ham Radio club has one. The police won't let him run it up all the way. It's a HEMI fer crissakes, with open exhausts and you can't even HEAR the engine at full bore. There isn't enough hearing protection to allow you to get within 100 yards of the sound outlet, it will KNOCK YOU OUT COLD! Rumor has it that it puts out enough energy to set newsprint on fire if held over the business end. They are wicked cool.


  4. @ Russ... It must be an amazing site and sound that's for sure :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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