Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light a Candle To Stop Gun Violence...

"Weer'd Beard's Proposition":

I propose a display that will show we have the same goals, but our side is actually interested in results.
So on January 8th I ask everybody to post a picture of a lit candle and you carry gun. Because lit candles don’t do a whole lot but cast a meager amount of light…but a loaded gun in the hands of lawful citizens can do wonders to protect innocent lives from harm.

Some good pics this morning at "Weer'd's Blog"


  1. Heh ... i'm still tryin to figure out how to make a candle out of gun oil.

  2. We are not allowed to carry in the socialist utopia of Illinois...(trying to keep a straight face and failing miserably)

  3. Good idea and I see many have done this. Posted.

  4. I can light a candle at 100 yards with my M1 Garand, but I can only hit the candle at 100 yards with my 1911-A1. Hope this helps hold down violence.

    Mountain Rifleman

  5. Very nicely arranged and a nice assortment. I am glad every day I live in a state where I can get a concealed permit for life. But we still have "In God We Trust" on our license plates when some organization complained the state told them to pound sand.

    I like it here, even if it is flat.

  6. And you carry them all at the same time....right?

    Where do you come up with the awesome header art???

    My son and I find it most excellent!!!

  7. @ maddmedic... lol,I would like to take them all at once :)

    In regards to the header art, I just surf various sites and links to links, I guess the internet is my hobby. Anyway if I find something that I like I save the picture. I think that came from a site called

    deviantart.. you can spend hours looking thru that site.



    I will use google searchs such as:

    "fantasy art"
    "fantasy wallpaper"
    "science fiction art"
    "fantasy paintings"

    Stuff like that. Just be warned I have had hits that have virus's or trojan horses as well as adult stuff as you can imagine.

    Let me know if this helps :)


  8. Youre welcome :)

    I see you found this ok ..hahhahaha


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