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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh SNAAAP!........


  1. Is it just me or can others plainly see that the bungee chord she used was badly frayed and tattered. I only noticed that at the end when they showed the jump again but it was also obvious on review of the first showing of the jump. It must have been more than obvious, to anyone paying attention, when about to jump off a bridge like that. Or, should I say it should have been more than obvious to anyone with half a brain. Then again, does anyone with half a brain trust an outfit in Africa to keep up to any sort of standards when it comes to maintaining their bungee equipment!

    Amazingly, I read elsewhere that she was not seriously injured nor was she eaten by crocodiles in the reported crocodile infested river. That written report I saw today was another good laugh.

    Man oh man, I just watched again and the more I see of that bungee chord, the more I have to think: What an asshole.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. Glenn, I would never dare to do anything like that, ESPECIALLY while on vacation in some backwards place like that.


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