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Friday, October 28, 2011

Taking my Life in My Hands....

I'm getting ready to head out to work, ( unlike some others) and just watched the news about multiple spin outs and crashes. We got alot of rain yesterday and it ended with heavy wet snow. Not much accumulation but looking outside you can see the grass and cars are covered.

Now, mind you, the temp is hovering about the freezing mark so being a life long New Englander I know that means that the walk ways, roads, windshields all most likely have ice on them. Bridges freeze first as well as the low lying areas.

Why is it that most people DON'T SEEM TO REMEMBER THAT FROM LAST YEAR!!???

Oh well... I'll report in and hope some stupid idiot doesn't wreck my truck or cause me to sit in traffic for an hour....

 Here is how much show we got:

and here is a news clip:

BEVERLY, Mass. -- Wet weather combined with near-freezing temperatures led to major problems on a number of Massachusetts roadways Friday morning.
On Route 128 South in Beverly a car reportedly went over a guard rail as result of an ice patch.
Numerous spinouts were being reported in several areas. State police were urging motorists to use extra caution in their commutes.


  1. Hey Good time to break out that grill for some steaks :)

    Hope you had no problems on your way into work.

  2. Thanks Stopsign.. I cook all winter on the grill and my commute was uneventful, luckily!

  3. What, is Al Gore in Massachusetts today?

  4. LMAO blogbrother.. actually he will be here tomorrow night...for the Nor'eastah

  5. We had a cold front come through last night.
    The low this morning was about 50. The high today was about 75.

    I feel your pain brother :-D


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