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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can We Stop Whats Coming?

As I spend time surfing the blogs I am realizing more and more that we are becoming very divided in this country. I look at the video clips of the protesters for the OWS movement and I read daily postings that raise not only the writers blood pressure but mine as well. I have tried to not let it get me in a constant state of aggravation that's for sure. I was just sitting here and as I read all the good posts that they smart people write, I can't help but think that there is nothing that will stop the inevitable conflict that is coming. 

For instance I read "DADDY BEARS RANT" earlier and all I could do was picture him standing at an OWS encampment and trying to explain to them and get them to understand what he was saying.

I posted an "OP_ED" earlier in the week from a local paper that is in full support of OWS. I have a feeling that if you were to meet that author on the street and show him that facts and the figures and explain to him where he is wrong... not that everything I believe is right,  I thing his response would be "Stop watching Faux News".

We are NOT going convince any of these people that the government is NOT the answer to the problems. That we need to ALL try and downsize the tax burden and the national spending and the government. 

I see the division getting wider and wider, and as we head into next years election it is going to get ugly. If "you know who" holds on and gets re-elected WE as a country are screwed. If "you know who" gets his ass handed to him we will see some major civil unrest I believe. 

I try and not let it get me too stressed out. Other than personally being alert and prepared for the warning signs I don't think there is much that will happen to stop the impending trouble we will see.......

..... and thats where the Chocolate Vodka comes in handy.


  1. I agree. We are basically two countries now.

  2. Hi Matt.. don't forget to add in all the illegal's that are here and also the -hypenated- Americans that don't really believe in America as it is.

  3. beans, bullets and band aids. Looks like a tussle either way.

  4. Pissed, I look like this. It's us vs them.

  5. @dakotas5 .. hopefully it will be over fairly quick :)

  6. Love your office... Here is mine


  7. C-BC thats awesome! It's very homey :)


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