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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Gaydar* Just Blew Up...........




  1. OK...

    If you told me ~15 years ago that I'd ever say what I'm about to type, I'd have laughed in your face.

    I still can't believe it on SOME level, but here it is anyway...

    First, I've got to say that my daughters were enrolled in a "Professional-development" ballet Conservatory for over 10 years. My Eldest still dances in college.

    Like every other "Regular guy", I thought the "little prancy boys" were complete fairies too - until I learned the truth!

    The woman who founded the Conservatory was very wise, and had a "mandatory Father-daughter night" or "Family night" a couple of times a year. One of the things she did was have US attempt to do the lifts and some of the other stuff the male dancers do.

    I'm no weakling, and my younger daughter especially is VERY petite, but... I COULDN'T DO IT!

    You SERIOUSLY have NO IDEA how much strength it takes to do what those boys do. When the females take those flying, graceful leaps and the little nancy-boy has his hands on her hips? HE is actually lifting her - STRAIGHT-ARMED - and putting her back down so gracefully that it looks like SHE is flying!

    If he screws up and DROPS her, she ends up like Wifey -- 19 years of training wasted to a blown-out knee that will plague her for the rest of her life!

    Next, consider how those boys spend their time -- surrounded by hot females who they get to paw all over!

    The rest of us pile up with a bunch of sweaty GUYS, shower together, but call the dancers "fags"?


    Yeah - a lot of 'em are... I'm convinced (after more than a decade) it's because of the frigging CONSTANT FEMALE DRAMA!

    You've never SEEN "catty bitches" until you've spent time in a serious ballet company... I can honestly see how it could turn some guys off women...

    Bottom line is that most of them are incredibly strong and athletic to a degree you can't even imagine. They deserve more respect than we give them as athletes.



  2. Dedicated Dad.. Thanks for your comment and I do agree with you about the athleticism these guys and gals have. I can only imagine what it must take, and then add skates for the ice dancers.. holy crap.

    I was down Cape Cod this past summer and was taking my friends boat to the launching ramp which happens to be in Provincetown MA which is a rather eclectic town to say the least. Anyway, it happened to be "Carnival" there so the town was packed with alot of gays. I have no problem with that at all, what amazed me was how many were in very good shape. There was alot of foot traffic and we were stuck in traffic with the boat trailer and I was absolutly floored at how many of the guys were is very good shape. I didnt see any hot chicks though :( most of the lesbians were built like the guys.

  3. "...I have no problem with that at all..."

    To be honest, I DO.

    Don't get me wrong - I really don't care what any two or more consenting ADULTS and/or their possessions, pets or farm-animals do in the privacy of their own wherever - but I am DAMN TIRED of having it shoved in my face 24x7.

    When I was a kid in a VERY small town, there were a couple of older men who shared a house. The "adults" would say "They're ROOM-Mates..." then giggle as they elbowed each-other.

    I had no idea why that was funny.

    It makes me sick that my kids KNOW why that's funny!

    If you prefer another man's smelly @$$ over a woman, I think you're SICK -- but I'll HAPPILY leave you alone. Why must they rub everybody's nose in it?

    Why can't they just do whatever they do in private and STFU about it?!

  4. I do agree with you.. what goes on between consenting adults is fine by me. BUT DON't jam agenda down everyone's throat. I don't see any heterosexual pride days or heterosexual parades etc.

    What I meant by not having a problem was driving thru the town or being their during the carnival.
    I am not homophobic, it is live and let live. Provincetown is a gay enclave so we were the outsiders so to speak :)


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