Saturday, October 1, 2011

Going Back To My Youth.................

Keads Got Me Thinking About The Good Old Days....
With his "FLASHBACK FRIDAY" post and this clip:

I have seen the Heavy Metal Movie a few times and I got to thinking about some of the other movies that teased us in our youth.....

I'm know there are many more, if you want post some in the comments that you remember. :)


  1. You have outdone me! Well done!

  2. I ALWAYS watch that scene with interest.

  3. 91/2 Weeks~ A Great Movie.

    Psst! Do you still have that poster of a male model? lol

  4. Logan's Run (the movie). That was my first full screen 1 second of tittie when I was 10! I could not find the clip on You Tube- the part in the ice cave after they get drenched escaping the city. Ahhh youth!


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