Friday, September 30, 2011

Observations From The Road.....

I had to go make a delivery this afternoon and my mind wandered along some strange paths :

Dear Idiot,
When you chose to pass the guy in front of you , on the double yellow lines, did you feel
like an ass when you got to the red light and you had to stop and the guy you passed went right
on by with the green arrow?

Dear Wigga,
Your car does NOT look cool when its lowered so much that the wheels are dink-toed out, the 
ground effects rub on every little bump and pebble and it sounds like a briggs and stratton lawn
mower.  Even your stupid ass hat on crooked looks rediculus too.

Dear Hawt Chick,
Thanks for smiling at me at the stop light. You looked nice all dolled up in your sugar-daddies Escalade.
Thanks also for the bad thoughts I had as you drove away, alas that is a post for Penthouse Forum.

Dear Obama Bumper Sticker Guy,

I do so wish that my insurance company allowed mulligans.

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