Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jay G.. Could Star in This Great Beer Commercial

I just found this over at AcesofSpades..

What a great Beer Commercial!! :)

What would you do???


  1. Pissed -

    You Blog is really great. I picked up on it from my Blogfather - TBG - at "Listen to Uncle Jay" and my buddy Coop at "Father of Four".

    I must say you uncover some entertaing materials and am now follwing you on a regular basis. I think I have probably read at least 1/2 of your entire site already and am planning to just start at the beginning and read to the present.... Nice work.. I'm hooked..

    Keep it up...


  2. Hey J3 thanks!! that's very nice :)

    I appreciate the compliment!!

    I will add you to the blogroll.



  3. I'd go right in and sit down, without a second thought, but then.... Let's just say I'm comfortable in most any social situation...

    What's REALLY hysterical is that - these being europe-bikers - they ride what we'd consider little scooters/mopeds/etc.

    I literally LOLed the first time I saw a "gang" of them - guys that look like this on little girly scooters, Vespas, etc....


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