Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Left Chants "Ban AR15's, Stricter Background Checks, Ban Hi-Capacity Magazines!" "Ban This and Ban That"! Banning Such Things Will Not Stop the Jihadist

                           A little Hank Williams Jr. from around 1980 The Coalition to Ban Coalitions

It is shameful that the bodies from the latest Islamic attack are barely cold and leftist politicians in our country are using this tragic incident in an attempt to subvert the second amendment. I know lots of people who own what the politicians and MSM describe as "assault" weapons" and quite a few who own legal belt-fed machineguns, sub-machineguns, REAL assault rifles (military style rifles capable of firing both in semi-automatic and full automatic), and even canons. I would seriously doubt there is a home in the county where I live that does not own at least one gun and most homeowners own several. NONE of these people that I know have ever fired a shot in anger or commited an act of terrorism. I wish just one MSM commentator or politician would mention the fact that six (could have been many more) were killed and 247 others injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing. The Muslims in that attack used pressure cookers (the kind that are used in home-canning and cooking). Just last night a policeman in Paris, France was stabbed to death by two Muslim extremists using KNIVES. My point is why infringe on a law-abiding American's Constitutional rights because an Islamist wages jihad on innocent Americans? Leave the rights of law-abiding Americans the hell alone. The powers that be could ban most anything, but still  Islamic attacks will not stop until the Muslim desire to wage jihad is destroyed. It is difficult to defeat an enemy who believes dying while carrying out jihad or as they say "martyring" themselves. Even if these people fear death, they sell their lives very cheaply at times to get to their reward of 72 virgins in their afterlife. They believe they are glorified in death so threatening them with death and even killing them is only slightly effective. Take the Japanese of WWII who believed in the Bushido Code. To die in battle was a great honor. Rarely did the Japanese soldier surrender. It was a fight till the death. Only after the United States dropped two nuclear weapons destroying two major cities and killing hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children did the Japanese decide to surrender. If Japanese intelligence had known that the United States only had two atom bombs, they would have probably continued to fight, but fearing we had more and other cities were next, they surrendered. We as a nation demonstrated that we possessed such a weapon that could instantaneously vaporize a city and all of it's inhabitants. The Japanese yielded and so will the Muslim. More than likely all it would take is to  is a tactical nuke detonated over Mecca and taking out the Kabba (moon rock). They would then see that their false god is not as great as they think.  By God, I hope Trump does it too!

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