Sunday, June 12, 2016

UNBELIEVABLE! "Lonewolf Orlando Security Guard Who May Have Had Some Mental Issues Goes on Rampage" .....Yeah, RIGHT

In the wake of any mass shooting in America, and especially one as sensational as the Orlando killings,  one can count on the left to follow their doctrine of "never letting a crisis go to waste" to the letter. I have prepared myself to be bombarded with words and phrases such as assault weapons. high capacity magazines, nazis, hate groups, white supremacists, gun show loopholes, stricter background checks, copycat, lone wolf, not connected to isis,  armor piercing ammunition, etc. from politicos and media talking heads in the coming weeks due to this latest attack. As most know the list of terms which will be used to villianize the Second Amendment and guns in general could go on infinitely and probably will. I have yet to hear anyone politics  or media personnel call a spade a spade and say that a young muslim male murdered those people in Orlando and probably due to the fact that his "so-called" religion and local iman tells muslims that killing Sodomites is the humane thing to do "because they are already dead" and the fact that it is ramadan probably played a part as well. Here is the word straight from a recent mussoloid speaker at one of the tolerant-diverse- all inclusive-friendly neighborhood mosques in Orlando .

 It is pointless to try and rationalize the logic of a people who rape young boys, mutilate the genitalia of pubescent females, repress women on a scale that cannot be imagined in this country,  practice bestiality, but still somehow justify killing practicing homosexuals in the United States. There have been a few muslim leaders in this country that have sort of denounced what took place, but I guess these feel that some that they had better else some "good 'ol boys" are going to declare "open season" on mussoloids everywhere or Donald Trump may get elected and deport all of them, etc., but seriously I haven't one deny that the koran doesn't condone the killing of homosexuals, infidels, etc. I am sure I will not. When drama queen Magan Kelley (oh yeah, her and Geraldo Rivera were calling for "something to be done" stricter background checks when buying guns") posed that question to a "high ranking" society of muslim affairs in North America, he side stepped the question and quickly interjected that many religions called for the killing of those who practice Sodomy and went on to reference the Bible. Even if someone actually nailed it and called this cowardly act what it really is there are those who still fail to see. A prime example of this delusional thinking I witnessed tonight when I heard a young man representing LGBT-gay-homosexual-queer (his words not mine) community of Orlando. The very feminie spokesman said he and his organization were determined not to allow this senseless slaughter to drive a wedge between muslims and their community. I guess that sounds good in his "coexist" world, but the fact remains that another johnny jihadist will shoot up another gay bar, gay pride rally or kill Americans in general anywhere and anytime given the means and the opportunity. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R Alabama) said today Americans can expect more of these types of attacks and I believe it. I tend to agree with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair when he said in a speech immediately following 9/11 "do not think for moment if these fanatics could have killed 30 million rather than 3,000 they would have hesitated in doing so".  In closing, I will ad this last link takes the cake. If one did not know better, one could think it was the screenplay for an upcoming Saturday Night Live skit. The ACLU is blaming this tragedy on Christians and right wingers, etc. I am certain they will find a way to get on the anti-gun bandwagon too. Click Here for the story.

PS. Look for any such killing of  Americans in the near future to be labeled as "copycats" because the enemies of Liberty do not wish to acknowledge that there is a religious war being waged by muslims against anyone who is not one of them.


  1. WTF ? You have got to be kidding me.

  2. WTF ? You have got to be kidding me.

  3. Hi Irish,
    It's already "tomorrow" here...."Usually" it's "Range Day" for me. I don't have to tell you that my resolve has a "Boost!!!"... My "AO" is on alert..., and.. we are operating in "Code 'YELLOW/ORANGE!!!"" That's just more than get my drift... 'Have to say... the only time I'm in "CODE WHITE" is when I'm on the "Operating Table" for some medical Procedure and I am at the mercy of the Anesthesilogists!!! (sorry if I mispelled it wrong but Foxtrot Uniform Charlie KILO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) 'Doubt I'll be on the "Operatin' Table" any time soon, next time is when the Parish Coroner is tryin' to determine a "Cause of death!!"
    Blue Skies.....Black Death*,
    PS,.....(*) 'Ya have ta' be a really "OLD" Skydiver to understand the significance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So just a thought.....what happens to the average human genome when you have generation after generation of in-line breeding. In-line breeding is when you have first cousins marrying and creating spawn. At this moment in history; there are multitudes of mooslimes running around with very low IQ's due to in-line breeding. There is no genetic variety in their genome. Having a very narrow set of genes to draw from; creates the unstable mental midgets that are very easily "radicalized".
    I doubt if you are going to get the mooslimes to stop having first cousin marriages. That would be as hard as trying to get my guns taken away.


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