Sunday, June 12, 2016

At Least 50 Killed , Many Injured in an Islamic jihadist attack on Orlando Sodomite Night Club

What is President barrack Hussein obama and the media to do? One of their "protected groups" (mooslims) has just attacked another "protected group" (Sodomites). The president will probably have a press conference today touting more "gun control" or this this mess was somehow Bush's fault. Seriously, when are the American people going to wake up and realize that "open borders" and mooslims are a real threat. Sadly, BHO, Hillary, Democrans, and many Republikrats are not opposed to this madness of all this so-called "diversity" and inclusiveness that has infected, festered, and now burst open in our once great country. This tragic loss of human life could have been greatly reduced or maybe even prevented all together by gun carrying patrons. Arm yourselves Americans. Remain vigilant and let us drive the invaders from our land before we become as "diverse" as Europe (now Eurostan).





  1. New reports have fifty dead.

    Meanwhile, in the ivory tower, laws are still broken, thousands of unvetted supposed refugees are being allowed to be poured into our society, and the news media is worried about the size of Kim Kadashian's butt.

  2. Thanks Jess. I got Irish to change it for me. Jeffery

  3. I know how to fix this. We need more restrictions on middle-class Christian white boys from Iowa!

    I mean... uh! We have to do something!

  4. Just a note for those who don't live in Florida. One of the exceptions to Floridas concealed carry Law is commercial establishments that serve alcohol, which is to say bars. The Jihadi slimeball certainly targeted infidels and homosexuals, but he made his actual attack, surprise surprise, in a government imposed "Gun Free Zone". There is a lesson here, actually more than one.


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