Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can You Imagine The Out Cry If Conservatives Rioted At A Bernie Rally?

 Alas,  I can only imagine the fantasy of what it would be like. 
We are too busy supporting all the "takers" that have nothing better to do but be useful idiots.

 If you want to know the culprit that started the modern ramp up of all this derision and division just watch this video from back in 2008. 

This is when I was first introduced to Bubba over at WhatBubbaKnows.
Someone forwarded me this video.

Many people saw through Obama's mask of deceit and realized what was coming.

Meanwhile the sheep just went Baaaaaaaaaaa

Remember, this video is from back 2008, a long time ago.

 This was Bubba's response to Obamabots then and I bet it hasn't changed:

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   You can go to THIS LINK  to read more about Bill Ayers Communist Manifesto

and THIS LINK to see more on the protests.



  1. These weren't simply "liberals" protesting Trump. These people were bought and paid for, trained and directed by Soros, ACORN, MoveOn, and other communist associated groups. This is a coup not a celbration of the 1st amendment. The Democrat plan is to commit this violence at Trump rallies and then Hillary can point to Trump as inciting violence with his rhetoric. This is a classic MArxist/Leninist ploy and these paid brownshirts are the new useful idiots.


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