Sunday, March 6, 2016

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  Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** I think the key thing is this quote: "It makes you wonder what else the MSM may be sitting on. Much of it will come to light after he has
secured the nomination, but in plenty of time to ensure that he loses
the general election in a massive blowout."
** Fascinating essay on the world of the Elites (of both parties).
** Somehow I think this is a war they'd lose.  But it'd take a while.

** Why, it's almost as if Barackus WANTS our border to be swamped by people crossing it.
** Really?  Really?
** These invaders need some examples made IMHO.  That's the only thing that will stop them.  And, again IMHO, some of the politicians who
encouraged / allowed this too.
** Call me cynical, but they could have Hellary on tape confessing she set it up to avoid FOIA and, "sure", she knew classified emails were
there... and not only would nothing happen to her, but she'd still get
90% of the Dem votes.
** Destroying the First Amendment.  Free speech only for "protected" classes.
** What a bunch of wusses.
** Yeah, right, they want peaceful coexistence.
** How... convenient that this only comes out now.
** Quote: "It's also why the bellowing from conservative media over Trump has backfired. The people are angry at the Republicans for their
treachery. They are hardly going to listen to the party's propaganda
organs lecture them on the need to be loyal in the fight against the dirt monster. If anything, like the peasants in the Italian countryside
when Alaric approached Rome, they will side with the wrecker."  >>
And why attacks on Trump by the establishment will backfire.  It will be precisely the attacks by the Elites that push Trump upward.
** The Elites don't want Trump OR Cruz to win.  They'd rather deal with Hellary and keep their cushy lobbying / thinktank jobs.
** Just imagine if a GOP candidate did this.
** That would shut off the race grievance industry.  Can't have that.  In a similar vein:
** "Caitlyn" Jenner leaves the Dem plantation with predictable results.  (Look, I work with a trans-woman; don't care.  Immaterial.)
** Hellary on guns.
** Gun owners and conservatives (pretty much the same thing) own millions of guns and billions of rounds of ammo; if we truly were violent,
you'd know it.
** Leftists never cease to amaze me (in a bad way); despite time after time examples from other countries, they can't grasp the lesson.
** Free speech for me, not for thee.  And if you speak, we'll shut you up by any means necessary.  Like I said, Brownshirts in training.
** Again, it doesn't matter to most Lefties.
** The problem with saber rattling is that, sooner or later, someone draws and takes a swing with one.
** Cry-bully.  An excellent term!
** I ask similar questions.
** Can anyone verify these two contradictory Harry Reid quotes?

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