Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cabela's Dry-Storage ammo box on sale $7.99 ETA a comment from Mr Natural

  Sent in by reader  "Mr Natural"

Hello from a regular reader of your blog.  Really I do!  This isn't some marketing spam.  Here's a good deal you may want to pass along.


In-store or by mail.

I have a _bunch_ (like 40 or so) of these already. Been using them for most everything (ammo, gun parts, knives, books, powder, primers, batteries) for over a year now. Love 'em. Gonna get more today, 'cause Cabela's rarely puts them on sale anymore.

For those who haven't tried them, I can highly recommend them from personal experience. They're "handy as a pocket on a shirt". Watertight as a duck's ass. Holds almost twice as much as a GI steel .50cal ammo can. Sturdy and they stack solid and stable. You can store standard 8.5"x11" documents in them without folding - like my prepping printouts of .pdf's.

Buy a baker's dozen (13) or more and Cabela's will ship 'em to you free anywhere in the lower 48.  Ole'!

I don't know how long these are on sale for or how the long free shipping. So sooner is better than later if you want 'em.

Kipling famously wrote "A man can never have too many books, too many red wines or too much ammunition."  I opine the same is true for good ammo cans. :)

I hasten to note I have NO commercial or personal interest in Cabela's or whoever makes the ammo box for them.  Just a really sweet deal.

Bonhomie and Rumination,
Mr Natural
Trying to stay dry in the rainy PNW


Tried to add this to the thread comments but couldn't for some reason. You may want to add this to it for general benefit.

1.  The H.F. can is slightly smaller than a GI .30cal can.  It is less than 1/3 the capacity of the Cabela's.

2.  Free shipping at Cabela's expired Tuesday night. :(  But the cans themselves are still on sale for $7.99 at the stores and on line.

Thanks for your web site.

Up The Browncoats!
Mr Natural
Trying to stay dry in the rainy PNW


  1. The Cabella's box has the logo on the side in bright letters. The Harbor freight has a sticker that is easy to peal off and only cost $4.95.

    But Cabella's does have S&B primers on sale for $19.95

    1. Checked H.F. Only had the smaller size listed 7L x 11.6L x 5.1W for 6 bucks. I got 13 of the big ones at Cabelas and used my point & free shipping. Thanks for the heads though.

  2. Ordered 2 dozen from Cabela"s for in store pick-up.
    They have more stuff that we (I) uh, uh, need ...... so I told the wife


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