Sunday, March 6, 2016

A View Into The Mental Delirium Of The Left....

Race, race race.  That’s all it is to them ever.  They  get to just use that card and everyone backs down.  “His record of achievement”.  Are you serious?

Link :

The N*ggerfication of Barack Obama


  1. If you look at obama and see race before socialist you are a racist. if you see race before incompetence, you are a racist. if you see race before political cronyism, you are a racist.

  2. That might be the longest "No True Scotsman" I've ever read.

  3. Whatta complete load of CRAP!

  4. The article actually offended me..for I am The People too...and I do NOT think like that. But I do think like this...Trump is a Dem wearing a Republican cloak trying to win....but he isn't fooling all of us. He is trying to close the deal...trying to sell himself....that is his job....At the same time Hillary is a crook, she has not been held accountable for Benghazi, for the emails, for Anything she has ever done, since Nixon...she cannot be trusted, and Bernie wants to continue feeding the poor, The Poor Porridge...has it worked so far? I think not.....Sheeples wake up! Is it really about Dem vs. Reps?'s about Our Country, and the games politicians play, and how those games affect our lives...and really as a Nation we are still playing race games? That says a whole lot about our pResident....I voted for him his first term....I am disgusted by him now...he has Increased race issues...the real deal is that in 5 years we are going to be in a world of hurt as a matter who sits in the big chair, at the big's a sad thing....and we should be....ashamed that we are still playing bully on the playground.

  5. JerseyGirl AngieMarch 7, 2016 at 5:27 AM

    Having lived in NYC during the Dinkins administration, all I can say is that erasing any memory of that time from one's memory is the kindest thing one can do regarding the Dink ....... thank God that Guiliani bet him in the following election !

  6. Divide and Conquer in action. Trump is a part of the political establishment and good friends with the Clintons. Like Joseph Stalin used to say....The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. He would not have been allowed to become a billionaire if he did not goose step with the other cultural Marxists. He is controlled opposition...plain and simple. Obama is a Manchurian President. A worthless tool to read a teleprompter and use up Kleenex. There will be no change in our current political process. The system has been captured and is beyond repair. No where is my scotch?

  7. What a nauseating read the was!
    And the comments....
    I feel such hatred towards leftists. I don't like feeling hatred. It has been the work of pure evil that has made all these fools that are blind to history. God help us.


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