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Well Now, It Seems The Nutz Are As Diverse As A Costco Variety Pack Lately


  Here we have the following story from Hampton Beach, where a Harley was Stolen.

Seems like it could be a mundane incident not worth reporting. It probably happens weekly.


HAMPTON — Police say a man is in custody after allegedly stealing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from the L Street Tavern after it was raffled off to raise $23,000 for charity.

The 2010 Harley-Davidson Roade Glide, built by renowned motorcycle designer Paul Yaffe, was raffled Sunday to help a local woman struggling with an aggressive form of Alzheimer's disease. The L Street Tavern made her cause the centerpiece of its Memorial Day weekend festivities.


Monday around 1 p.m., L Street owner Jake Magro said his bartender came running into his office to tell him the bike had been stolen.

“She came up, and she said, ‘Jake, the bike’s gone,’” Magro said. “I said, ‘What do you mean?’ She said, 'I think the bike got stolen.’”

Hampton Police Chief Alex Reno said the suspect was caught Monday night by Wrentham, Massachusetts, police.

Brian Bennett, 36, of Amesbury, Massachusetts, is being charged in New Hampshire with criminal mischief and the theft of the 2010 Series FLT Harley-Davison motorcycle. If convicted of the Class B-level felony, Bennett could be sentenced to 3½ to 7 years in state prison.

Magro said the bike was won in the raffle by a man who is a firefighter from Massachusetts. The winner was scheduled to pick the bike up on Tuesday.

“Huge relief,” said Magro, of the bike being recovered.





 Theft caught on camera here<<<<


Suspect arrested in Massachusetts after eluding police

According to Reno, the theft was reported to police around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. Reno said the person responsible for taking the bike was seen on video moving the outside barriers beside the motorcycle and walking it away.

“He was able to remove the bike and get it started,” Reno said. “He rode off with it, turned left onto Ashworth Avenue, and crossed the bridge. We put out a bulletin, and Seabrook police attempted to stop him in the area of (Route) 286, but he continued into (Salisbury) Massachusetts at a high rate of speed.”

Reno said the suspect and the motorcycle were next spotted at about 2:50 p.m. by Massachusetts State Police in Topsfield, Massachusetts. At some point, Reno said, the suspect and bike were spotted in Wrentham late Monday night, where he was taken into custody.




Reno said the suspect was found with a dead deer. 

“Apparently, from what I understand, the suspect found a dead deer on the road and thought he’d partake,” Reno said. “He then stuffed the remains of the carcass into the bike’s saddle bags.”




Reno said Hampton police detectives are working diligently to get the bike returned to its title holder so it can be given to the winner of the charity raffle.

He thanked officers in Wrentham, as well as Seabrook, Topsfield, and the Massachusetts State Police for their assistance with this case.


The L Street Tavern hosted the fundraiser for a 57-year-old woman, Yvette McIntosh-Hewitt, and her husband, Bobby McIntosh, after being approached by their friend David Andrews. Andrews said he met McIntosh and his wife at Uncle Eddie’s in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Andrews said McIntosh was also with his father-in-law, who also has dementia, and appeared overwhelmed.

“I just saw that, and I was like, ‘We’ve got to do something for this guy,” Andrews said.

Andrews learned that McIntosh’s wife suffered from posterior cortical atrophy, an uncommon and aggressive form of Alzheimer’s disease. Andrews said he started to help the family by setting up a GoFundMe page that raised $7,000. He then connected with a former high school classmate of McIntosh-Hewitt, who offered to donate the motorcycle raffled Sunday.

The event Sunday was a huge success for Andrews and Magro, raising more than their goal of $20,000 by $3,000. They said that made the theft of the motorcycle so disappointing the next day.

"To have this happen after everything went so well was devastating,” Andrews said.

Andrews said recovering the bike from Wrentham will be a challenge because the only people who can claim it – its builder Paul Yaffe or its owner Mark Centrella – are far out of state. Yaffe is in Arizona, and Centrella is in South Carolina.

“We’ve got to figure out how to get the bike,” Andrews said.

He also said cleaning the bike would be necessary given police said Bennett allegedly put roadkill in the saddle bags. Magro said they also needed to check to see if there was any damage to the bike, as it appeared to have hit the L Street Tavern when it was stolen.

Andrews said the cash donations have been given to McIntosh, and the remaining bank balance of approximately $11,000 will be delivered next. He said the money is meant to go towards whatever can make their life easier as they deal with the effects of McIntosh-Hewitt’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

“I didn’t tell him what I think he should do with it,” Andrews said. “He’s got a tough road ahead of him.”


 Article via FDD<<


 Lets search the name:

Brian Bennett  36 years old  (2024)  

What's this?  26 Year old Brian Bennett (2014)   arrested for trying to dig up mid 1700 graves of

Salem Witches?  STORY HERE<<

No confirmation but the dates and ages sync. That and partaking in the dead deer roadkill and wanting to dig up graves.




  1. May he die a death from a thousand burning suns

  2. Ass-beating time.

    1. More like ass pounding (so to speak) time.

  3. I actually had a ticket in that raffle. I also saw that the thief was positively ID'ed by his ex-girlfriend who had kicked him out the week prior.

    from what I understand, since the bike was won in the raffle prior to it being stolen, the winner should just register the bike, since they were the lawful owner once the raffle was certified. then they can go pick it up.

    the cleaning and the damage though...throw together another raffle or just pass the hat. the L street tavern has a good bunch of guys that are regulars that will probably chip in.

  4. a Crazy man doing Crazy Shit!

  5. The thief should be punished in some way that is permanent. Brand him. Cut off a hand, a foot. A mental ward is too nice, prison is too transitory. This is the kind of person we need to be able to cull from the population.

    1. Push the side of his face onto a hot exhaust pipe....

  6. He also said cleaning the bike would be necessary given police said Bennett allegedly put roadkill in the saddle bags.

    Ya see that? Finally,, something new,yep,,new,because NOBODY does that. DaFuq? And he was Trying to outrun the Cops? Is that not The worst
    Squirrel moment in history? Running from the cops and got distracted by roadkill. This one just may not be wrapped right..

    1. He's cray-cray, but he's very good at riding a bike.


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