Tuesday, May 28, 2024

This Is What Happens When They Allow The Fruit Loops To Roam Free Amongst The Civilians....


  Over the weekend there was this incident that was posted as a short blurb about random stabbings 

at a movie theater. Quite the rabbit hole.


Ya, I know the link is CNN but it seems like they have gathered all the storyline correctly based on 

the sporadic info I read.  It started with a murder in CT and lead to an arrest after a car chase.

They are leaving out a small detail and I noticed some of the previous sleuthing I did on the 

web seems to lead to dead ends.  Washing it clean.

Here is the story<< 

You can see a picture of the suspect that someone must have grabbed from the car scene.

I was able to grab a screen shot of an social media site that took some time to find.

There are enough bread crumbs from the article that searching leads to some messed up

shit on this person. 


  1. I’m sick of freak jobs.

  2. OK, the Lefties use such incidents to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens. We're seeing a considerable number of such crimes from the trans crowd. Since he used a knife, what do the Lefties want to confiscate? His dress or his pronouns?

  3. No. This is what happens when you choose to indulgence mental illness and not treat the condition.

    People that live in their own, psychotic world are dangerous.

  4. You know there's a sure fire cure for those kind of people. Stake him out spread-eagle on the ground and run over him with a flail mower. He won't ever do that again. Guaranteed.

  5. Daddy is a psychiatrist on Martha’s Vineyard—very rich and very connected. Which is probably why the person is screwed up in the first place, but is also probably why he wasn’t held for an eval in the local hospital.And why charges weren’t made when he assaulted a family member. If they had been, or if he had been held in the psych ward, none of the other assaults would have happened.

    Midwest Chick

  6. Good rabbit hole to chase. Good on you for keeping it real. Thank you

  7. Its all about keeping us from being united. Keep us in fear. Divide and Concur. Order out of chaos is the end game: burn it to the ground then take it all back on the cheap. This land is worth trillions just for the in-ground assets, but we are in the way, our homesteads lie above this incredible wealth, the objective is to strip mine we the people, then kill off we the people, then they own everything. Its not rocket science. The problem is we the people refuse to co-operate, resist being slaves who obey and allow ourselves to be genocided. The strategy is to destroy everything from the inside out.
    This pervert here is an agent of the global domination criminal cabal. Make no mistake on this, his mission and thousands of his fellow agent provocateurs, is creating the chaos, striking deep into our peaceful sane ordered civilization, by disrupting this critical part of the sphere of our lives employing heinous perverted acts, thru the lens of the criminal nedia complex they amplify these acts of perversion and violence, creating continuous fear, and thru constant state of fear there is control. Control Control Control, one on top of another, till hardly is it known what it is like to be Sovereign people. Makes us more easily concord people. Changing ordered liberty into economic freedom, creates Want, so people forget that Liberty order and individual, is a beautiful but dangerous state of being, as in this state of personal responsibility and duty people are not easily controlled, or controlled at all.
    The most critical thing about us as a people is the plurality, a plurality of people, who because they are in solidarity together, at a critical moment all together, turn from being legion in numbers, becoming A Legion of people who are incorruptible, they can not be ruled. United, having common cause, not necessarily about details, but in solidarity, it is a very unique thing, difficult to pin down, it is Liberty, the thing that was born in America, it is thus, for the first time in all of human history, more people in America lived in freedom, under liberty, having self determination, than all of the humans in all of history including America, is the best way to explain it. Such a profound state of existence. Such people can not, will not, refuse to, and resist all efforts to control and yes kill them. So "tgey" our mortal enemy have to be very sneaky in how they get their fucking foot in the door so to say and defeat us and our Liberty, both ordered, which is our precepts of rule if law, verses rule of men, and individual Liberty which is our natural state, very very hard to control and kill we who are free beings. In that it is simple. Best summed up as BFYTW! (Because Fuck You Thats Why!) You know what it is. It is The Honorable Resistance. Anyone can join. It only takes a few simple things to be THR, such as avoiding taxes, raising-growing food, self repair of your property, tuning out the matrix-media complex, arming oneself and family/friends, learning to use your Rifle well, equipping oneself for defense, avoiding debt, living within ones means, here sacrifice from instant satisfaction re-enforces self determination, simple yet profound things here, essential elements of personal Liberty, and because of this ordered liberty comes naturally. The foundation of America. Not American run by psychopaths crooks liars theives satanists, nazis and perverts, my apologies but i repeat myself. And "The Elites" who are neither. I despise that word, "elites."
    Its always been so. Government is a construct literally designed for destroying both Liberties, by destroying the dignity of individual Liberty. America exists in our hearts and minds. This is something which can not be destroyed, it can only be given up, its choice, comes down all of it to choice. You choose to be a slave or you choose to be free. And brother, they need slaves, without slaves they are powerless, in every sense of the word.

    1. You got all that out of a simple instance of a shitstain needing to be killed?

    2. For some people a square knot becomes a Gordion Knot.

  8. ps,

    "Fear coming out of the media about events to take place is just that, FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)".

    -The Guardian: (Kimberly Ann Goguen)

    its false because its agents and operatives creating false events, its false because it is created under false pretenses, its false because good folks do not do such things to other folks, its false because they must use false flags because almost to a person, to an American, nobody will commit such acts against others, so do you get it, it is both fear and FEAR they are using against all of us good folks. False Evidence Appearing Real for all intents and purposes, so if you fall for it if they gull us into accepting it is real, we just been controlled. Its a mind trip, brainwashing essentially, but if one says to themselves I do not I refuse to accept this as a real event that someone innocently committed this act this crime this trespass on their own, their act has no effect on you in regards to controlling you, your mind, causing fear to rule your thinking and mindset. Its actually pretty easy to get the hang if it, rapidly becoming natural habit. And all their efforts are for naught. And that fucks with their minds. Remember... BFYTW!

    1. There was a fine black gentleman, 45 years of age, that took a fucking hammer to an 81-years old White guy in the bathroom of an upscale grocery store in Duluth Friday.


      Take your FEAR and shove it where the sun don't shine, it's almost ripe for HATE (Humans Attacking This Evil) wherein detritus that has been tolerated will be eliminated.

      I'm not in an area with a lot of Saxons, but the Vikings and Finns have had about enough. There will be minds blown in more ways than one soon.

  9. Eventually the uncivil and immoral will need to be removed from the general population as designed in the beginning. THis republic was not built for the lunatics but they seem to enjoy calling themselves the answer to the problem even though they are the problem.

  10. Release the Nashville tranny diary.

  11. The perp killed or wounded someone else an hour later before being caught

  12. I’m shocked!


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