Friday, March 1, 2024

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...... 02-30-2024










Stay safe out there and have a great weekend!!


  1. Nice broad in the beam on 2, nice every cowboy's dream on 3, hi, Lucy, hi, Teri, nice round tush on 16, 19, 86, 136, nice looking older lady on 34, 62, 137, everything on 35, 139, noble sentiment on 39, hi, Benny, nice bush on 63, hi, Marilyn, hi Raquel, nice instant date on 81, hi, Anita, nice bouncy on 120, 124, very nice looking older lady on 129.

    Again lots of nice shock absorbers, but too many to honor individually.

  2. My word, sakes alive, that is an outstanding set! Definitely top 10. Thank you very much, Irish!

  3. I don't know how you do it every week it's another knockout collage of beautiful buxom babes entertaining us with their assets which they are not shy about displaying for our pleasure, mixed in with celebrity faces (Barbara Eden @14 according to googley eyes) those eyes and ex-large but shapely boobs, good food, Detroit iron, war birds and killer memes.

    Thanks, have a great weekend and go easy on the Jameson's while celebrating Irish heritage month ;-)


  4. #4 - Fantastic!
    #6 - Lucille Ball?
    #14 - Face looks like Teri Garr
    #34 - Maitland Ward?
    #76 - Nice Racquel
    #83 - Not enough gun
    #134 - Dunno what it is - some kind of pump? But cool
    Always enjoy the cars, trains, food, and booze
    - M

  5. Thanks for the Corsair and the C-47,s. Chief.

  6. #107
    That's what televisions looked like when I was growing up, but they had rabbit ears with aluminum foil and I was the remote control.

  7. #40 FTW


  8. #134, Very large supercharger?

  9. Pump is a supercharger?

  10. A Generous hat tip to you sir... A very nice collection of mature women.

  11. #14, Teri Garr? What knockers!

  12. A red head that the carpet matches the drapes. Nice.
    Crazy, but nice.

  13. i especially appreciate the older lovelies. thanks.

  14. Monkey Shoulder, a nice blended Scotch. One of my favorites!

  15. Thanks Boss. Very much appreciate your efforts.

  16. 3 - POTM 1st Alternate
    13 - How I do love a tiny little ass!
    17 - Corsair
    30 - Absolutely gorgeous. My POTM, even if I can't see all of her.
    36 - Sin City Musclecars needs to work on their body line alignment skills.
    37 - Gooney Bird. Being natural aluminum, that is a DC-3.
    50 - Apparently, Gooney's can't swim.
    58 - How I enjoyed Benny Hill, in my formative years.
    62 - MOTM 1st Alternate
    65 - POTM 1st Alternate
    83 - Sarah's back again, this week. Reminding everyone to get ready. The future is what you make of it.
    96 - Need an update on that 16 year old picture...... or maybe not.
    103 - I love her anticipation.
    104 - 69 High Boy with what looks to be a Fairlane 390 GT badge on the front fender.
    112 - Speed Racer
    117 - When going for sultry, leave out the cray-cray.
    121 - MILF of the Morning
    122 - Bo Derek. With that hair, I only considered her a 6.
    130 - Probably has a turn radius of 100 feet. Nice job splicing the boxes together, though.
    134 - THE biggest Whipple Supercharger I've ever seen. Probably won't fit the Taurus.
    143 - Cougar on the prowl.
    147 - I concur.

    A tad behind, this week.
    The couch attacked me last night.
    Nice set, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  17. Thanks for all the muscle cars. That pontiac was my favorite. Keep up the good work.

  18. Always appreciate FFF but um there was only 29 days in February this year… Keep up the good work 👍

    1. Those are the folks with the REALLY rare birthdays!

  19. I had a '77 Grand Prix that exact color. Came home on leave in '90 and bought it, and drove it another 15 years. Underpowered as hell with that 301, but a lovely car in memory.
    --Tennessee Budd

  20. Lovely as usual. Good set of gingers! The GF peeked over my shoulder, thought I was cruising porn. If it's in black and white, it's art, dammit! She agrees. Now go back a couple frames. Rawrrr.

  21. Thanks for that! Great!
    I love the Corsair, the Impala boat, the 442, the Buick convertible and the Grand Prix! They Chevy ad reminds me of a Caprice wagon my uncle had, with a Corvette logo on the steering wheel to show it had a high-output V-8...
    Nice shot of the PRR locomotive, an Atlantic, I think
    A great collection of babes as well. I'll echo the others, who is 14?
    Thanks also for the pic of Benny and Hill's Angels. More on them here:

    Thanks for all you do!

  22. OMG that LONG bed!! I need it! I can never pack enough crap into my truck for camping trips. That would be perfect!! Is it for sale? I'll pay!!

    Plus the Teri Garr is hot.

    And the one woman reaching for the top shelf? I'd be glad to help her out.

  23. Teri Garr made an entire film career out of being a beautiful woman who could never find a guy. Right.


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