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Shocking phenomenon: Alabama man struck multiple times by lightning in his lifetime, then gravesite also destroyed by lightning


Childersburg, Alabama is known as the oldest continuously occupied settlement in America. The city, which sits just 37 miles southeast of Birmingham was settled in 1540.
Legends and lore have passed through generations over the years, but one story, in particular, is a bit shocking.
William Yeldell Cosper was struck by lightning at least five times. However, two of those times were after death.
Born to the Rev. James Berry Cosper and Sarah H. Dejournett Cosper in 1844, Cosper would live for over seven decades before succumbing to his fate.
Rumor has it that Cosper survived being struck by lighting the first time. He was sitting on his front porch at the time. He was injured and it took time for him to recover. According to gravesite records, his wife, Martha Carolina Butts Cosper, helped nurse him back to health.
However, he had already had a close call before. A month prior to the strike that hit him, he and Martha were sitting in the front room of their house, spinning wool. A lightning bolt struck the wool, setting it on fire.
Certified Broadcast Meteorologist JP Dice said when a person is struck by lightning, injuries can vary.
“You can see someone’s heart stop because of the disruption of the electrical signals that drive the heart,” Dice said. “They can be revived by CPR in some cases. Also, when they are struck by lightning, there can be severe burns. A bolt of lightning can be over 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hotter than the surface of the sun.”
There are no details on what Cosper’s injuries were, but he is thought to have had a short recovery. Not long after recovering from the shocking event, Cosper was inside his home in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, when it happened again. 
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    1. Wow! I have heard of such. Lightning is the one thing I have always respected and considered a "clear and present danger". One of my vivid childhood memories is of neighbors three cows still smoking after being hit and killed by lightning. It busted their hides and looked as if it had "run" all over them trying to exit their bodies.

  2. Was this guy a bandleader, because that might explain it.

  3. “ but one story, in particular, is a bit shocking”. You could say that over and over

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