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Monday, November 20, 2023

Monday Meme Dump...


  I want to take a minute to thank all those that supply the meme fodder and to those

that enjoy them and share them.  









  1. No Room For Red GuardsNovember 20, 2023 at 10:01 PM

    Fun fact-Comrade commissar Holder (CPUSA/CCP), Dingle Barry's wingman, took over Columbia dean's office with weapons during college years.

  2. my ribs are hurting from laughing so much
    Bernard Gutman --- OMG! who knew!

  3. Special thanks for the first one. That is my favorite season as well!

  4. I lived on the East Coast for many decades... after moving to Colorado in 2017, mosquitoes were no longer an issue. YEA!!!

  5. "Not only will this kill you.."--I made stickers of that years ago, & I have one on the gas tank of each of my bikes.
    --Tennessee Budd

  6. In regard to number 12.

    Leonard Cure wasn't resisting arrest, he was resisting a violent assault by the police officer. The officer attacked him first by shooting him in the back with a taser unprovoked. Mr. Cure had the right to defend himself from this attack. He fought with the officer and chocked him for a moment before letting go. If only he had tried to kill the officer, he might have survived. This is all on the dash cam footage.

    1. Hate to disagree, but Cure got ventilated because he was choking the officer. This makes the shooting justified in any state. Where the officer went wrong is not controlling his emotions and not de-escellating. Cure didn't follow commands, resisted, assaulted an officer half his size, then tried to kill him. The cop might not have the temperament for policing and shouldn't be on the force, but Cure put himself in the ground.


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