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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Finishing Off The Weekend In Style....








  1. 2 questions.....

    1. So how did he open the bottles......

    2. No I really want to know....how did he get and open the bottles if they're on the counter...?

    1. My Plott/German Shepherd mix can open bottles. We put some of his food in plastic bottles as a toy. Keeps him busy for a while as he unscrews the lids and then bats the bottles around to get the food out.

  2. Other than hogging all the Baileys(for my coffee), I don't see any problem. Oh, help him to bed.

  3. No animacohol abuse. Lol

  4. Used to have a neighbor who's German Shepherd would pick up your beer can and drink it. Not pop, just beer!

  5. Funny shit right thar, heard a hummingbird story once.

  6. He couldn't find the Kalua to make mudslides, so he went with what was available.
    I'm just wondering how he was going to pour it over the spoon.


  7. The blue 'tea-pot' (coffee-pot?) appears to be the type which is used to make a cuppa while you away in the boonies or possibly at the beach. The swing-handle is generally used to swing it around a few times to infuse the leaves/coffee grounds. Of course this should be done with a bit of care and ensure that the missus & children are out of the potential danger-zone. The same caution need not be applied if the mother-in-law is 'in the zone'.


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