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Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....







Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Once again, it's Friday and proof there is a God. Who else could have made such beauties?

  2. Nice bouncy on 4, 17, 21, nice tush on 13, nice wiggle on 25, nice teardrops on 59, nice old fashioned on 71, nice undercarriage on 90, nice ploomp on 103, 105, nice looking older lady on 104.

  3. We're not worthy! Good collection. Thanks, Irish!

  4. wow Wow WOW!!! Another spectacular collage with a plethora of FLASHERS(TY), red heads, a couple of fantasy womens and a range of sizes of beautiful, firm, fully packed boobs and fur. Those five pics from 130 to 134 just heart rending knowing that they'll never be under my tree dressed in a bow. (I'd probably have a stroke from the spike in BP anyway, but what a way to go. ;-)))

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  5. Looks like Snoopy and Woodstock got into the mushrooms again. Outstanding Farrah and Elizabeth Montgomery. Is that Clara Bow? Outstanding as always.

    1. Oops. Meant Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Was hallucinating Woodstock I guess.

  6. That, was worth every minute of the wait from last weeks.
    Some serious goodness there.

  7. 2 - I should hope so.
    4 - Some definite potential there.
    9 - Ooops? Yeah, sure.....
    10 - Quite shapely for a tiny little thing.
    11 - Too stupid to live.
    18 - While Dark Side of the Moon was a great album, I always gravitated more towards, Wish You Were Here.
    22 - Talk about the perfect amount of tone.
    28 - Travis Tritt would agree. TROUBLE!
    34 - Farrah was just so beautiful.
    35 - Prime Yellow Fever material.
    43 - The stupid is strong with this one.
    48 - Really? Insert derogatory Jeep owner comment here: ______________________________ .
    52 - Arrrg! If only, just once......
    53 - Look what washed up with the tide. Hope that's seaweed I smell.
    54 - Roly Rhit, Raggy! Rookit Rhose Rits! Eeee-he-he-he-heeeee!
    55 - Keep drinking darlin'. I'll give ya something else to regret, later.
    58 - Hot Granma.
    66 - Love a Hot Mom.
    76 - Too much makeup, but absolutely cute as hell.
    77 - Almost real. Somebody has some mad artistic skills.
    79 - MILF of the Night.
    88 - Goody Coles. I can still smell it. Wish I could taste it, again - soon.
    100 - Wet and wild looking.
    104 - GILF
    109 - Susan Dey - always portrayed a wholesome lass.
    113 - My POTN. Lovely.
    118 - POTN 2nd Alternate.
    124 - All you need to do is look into her eyes, and you were Bewitched. The beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery.
    128 - Chicago Light Transport?
    133 - POTN 1st Alternate.

    What a way to warm up for the weekend.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  8. #44, Adrian Barbeau. Somehow I thought they'd be bigger. Great collection! The smile on #132 means trouble, and I'm 100% on board.

  9. Farrah Fawcett and Susan Dey, I'd like to be the meat in that sammich.

  10. Peanuts meme was the best. Two 38's came in second

    Bear Claw

  11. Jenni Jenni who could he turn to. That was funny

  12. This beginning of week's FFF reminds me of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun fun fun fun fun.

    Thanks Irish. Have a great week,

  13. Anyone know a name for #122?

    1. Veronica Simon. Look her up at Babepedia


      You're welcome

    2. Rich, thank you for the response. She may have my high school class ring. Hearing her name made it all come back...

  14. Candi Loving brought back memories for sure.
    Thanks Iris.

    Ps...How about that Twitter dump.
    Anyone gonna go to jail finally?
    2020/2022 was STOLEN.
    What do we do now?

    Carry On,
    Spokane, USA

    1. Don't be deceived, nothing will change unless the enemy fears us.
      They don't.

  15. I see #58 here a lot, anyone know her name?

  16. Another magnificent collection!
    Farrah, as noted Adrienne Barbeau, Barbie Benton at 61, Roberta Vasquez at 94, Barbie Griffin at 114. I wish I knew more them, like 9 or 13 or the archery girl...
    Thanks for another great effort!!

  17. I shamelessly stole #10 for a post on my own blog about that type of woman.

    1. Spread that around as much as possible; we all need more hotness.

  18. Late to the party, but many thanks as usual.


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