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Friday, October 7, 2022

30 Years Ago...Paul Harvey... Good Day....








  1. Grew up listening to Paul Harvey on a little AM station in Nebraska. The Man was a depth of wisdom and is sorely missed

  2. My local AM station hosted his show every weekday at noon and I tuned in religiously. A true American icon. He is missed.

  3. Listening to Paul Harvey's commentary every day helped form my outlook on life.

  4. I tried to share it on facebook and wasn't allowed because people found it abusive, so I sent it to 34 contacts in the hope it will be forwarded.

  5. What a quaint time when one could imagine a trillion dollars spent over a decade to destroy an economy.

    It took 3 decades whence industry was offshored over the first 2, a mere 2 regional wars lost, and $27Trillion to get past the breaking point.

    We live in interesting times.

    1. The difference in the value of the dollar. Gold at $32.00/oz.

  6. We have certain great radio icons like Paul and Rush that are in a class above all others. They are Conservative and real to the people of the USA. Always remembered and always missed.

  7. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey. He made in one of his commentaries one of the most brilliant and insightful political observations ever made: Self-government without self-discipline will not work.

  8. He had that voice that commands listening. Great talent and thanks for this FI as I never saw this.

  9. That voice was like long forgotten music in my ears....


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