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Friday, September 9, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... Whipped It Out Early...








Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.....


  1. Glad to see you’re (obviously) feeling better. Metallica sure started young…

  2. You've outdone yourself this time Irish. Stupendous job!

  3. Excellent --- Sure hope #81 is being recycled and not discarded....

  4. Thanks Irish. Great post as always.

  5. I have to admit I have no idea who those two band pictures are of and I probably should.

    However, we don't come here on a Friday night to look at pictures of guys in bands now do we? ;-))

    No, we come to the Irishman's house on a Friday evening to ogle a whole bunch of redheads and lovely ladies that tease then reward us with an eyeful, literally. Then there are the two women together pics that come as an occasional treat and Bettie rolling around giving us another tease.

    All in all yet another wonderful collage of beautiful neked women who are only too delighted to show off their assets to us slavering old men.

    Thanks. Have a great weekend.


  6. Per usual all good, especially the furry girls. The redhead with carpet matching the drapes was pure excellence.

  7. I think you changed the header pic while is was perusing tonight's offering and then commenting or I would have noted the nice buns on that young lady. Round firm and fully packed. I'd bet she can shoot too.


    1. She might have some trouble getting a good check weld. Probably needs to get a taller bipod.

      I could be happy living on the grounds of that castle. Green, and probably quiet, except for the ocean sounds.

      Does that low-fat mousse come with a turkey baster?

      Let the good times roll!

  8. Nice bouncy - and perky - on 3, nice very real on 6, nice soft and mooshy on 15,nice big girl on 62, nice older lady on 17, 66, I had a 3 1/2 pound Yorkie like that, my sentiments exactly on 142 (also nice tush).

  9. We have bush, we have bush... Nice collage of busty and bustier today!

    1. It's so nice to see so many post-pubescent examples of proper women's forms. Women who are proud to be adults.

  10. #157 Truth!

    Great post as always. Thanks Irish!

  11. Blogger is playing more Fucky Fuck games.
    I have had The Feral Irishhman on the blogroll at my old Blogger site, The Vulgar Curmudgeon for years and years and years.
    I swung by there to click on the link because I knew FFFF was due ouy and couldn't find him on the blogroll. After going through it twice, I finally found it, all the way at the bottom, with blogs that have been dead for years, because I can't clean my blogroll up, because Blogger is run by a bunch of cunts.
    When I clicked the link to come here, it sent me to a page full of gibberish, which turned out to be code for a feed link.
    I then had to move him from one side of the blog to the other because it wouldn't let me change it back to the regular Blogspot link.
    If you have a Blogger Blog, check your damn blogrolls.
    The rotten bastards have been throttling traffic stats and shadow banning blogs, along with going through and deleting old blog posts they don't like.
    They have done that to me twice already.
    Fuck Google and Fuck Blogger.
    Oh yeah, FJB too.
    Phil @

    1. I tried to comment on my garden post, that Cederq put up - and the page froze. I closed out the tab and tried to reload the page; Bustedknuckles wouldn't load. Tried a few times to no avail. I haven't tried lately, though.
      I'll try later, after I post my regularly scheduled FFFF comments.

      Whitehall, NY

    2. On the blog list that I have, it's linking to a different page:
      I didn't edit the list, so Google or Blogger did it.

      The way I got here is I pasted that into a new tab and then deleted everything after blogspot.com

      I'll see if I can edit the blogger gadget that has the link to you.

    3. Followup - most of the other blogs in my Blogs List Gadget have the same format as your

      This is the only one that saves a copy of a file named default to my hard drive. Does the same on my wife's computer too. The only way I can get to this page is to enter that URL and then delete everything after ".com" Beats TF out of me.

  12. Replies
    1. Amen, she is the definition of 10

  13. 3 - Plenty of bouncy to get Ed's attention, right off the bat!
    7 - I still don't.
    9 - Hold on now. Let me do that, for you. It's like opening a really great present on your birthday. Should fit nicely. ;-)
    13 - No safety gear makes me cringe. Road rash and brain damage aren't appealing on a beautiful woman.
    16 - So, just the intro and credits? The Sheriff is a .... (BONG!)
    17 - Love a Hot Mom that still has it goin' on and still loves to get it on.
    21 - Toned to perfection right there.
    22 - Metallica, 1985. They look like High School field trip escapees. Such baby faces.
    23 - I love a shy girl.
    24 - That right there, is how a good night, is about to get better.
    25 - No. You'll own nothing, remember? THEY have decreed it. (FUCK them!)
    32 - Yet in most instances; they trade for the same ounces of gold, now, as back then.
    37 - 2018 Austrian MotoGP race. Tetsuta Nagashima got pitched off and landed on his bike. Rode it out with nary a scratch.
    38 - Getting so a Big Red ATC is a very rare machine, especially after the feds declared them verboten.
    40 - Justa good ole boys. Never meaning no harm. Beats all ya ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born.
    41 - Headlights are wrong. They should be square. Gives the T/A an odd Challenger vibe.
    42 - In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. [ FACT CHECKERS have concluded this is misleading ]
    43 - I'd prefer to make my Karma deliveries at 3200fps.
    44 - I love it when they are freshly cleaned up and ready to get dirty.
    45 - Yup. On your only car, after the parts stores have closed, and your shift starts at 5am.
    47 - Prove it.
    55 - Looks kinda dangerous, in a fun sort of way.
    56 - Surprises - they are good.
    67 - My POTN ! Seen her on: By Other Means', Seeing Red, almost weekly. Always gorgeous. Always appealing.
    72 - Bo without the nasty-ass dredds. She was attractive, but I never got the hype over her.
    76 - Talk about an oasis in the middle of total desolation.
    77 - Floaties.
    79 - My MILF of the Night.
    80 - At least clean your room before the "glamor" shot. Being a slob, isn't attractive.
    87 - POTN 1st Alternate
    89 - I recognize the bottle, but can't remember the brand. Seems like an IPA / Captain Morgan boilermaker would be odd.
    91 - Ain't dat a shame. Throwin' away a perfectly good white girl. ( Extra points for naming the movie reference )
    103 - Oh, I love that look.
    105 - Cute, for a "blonde". There is always that one exception that proves the rule.
    106 - Another Hot Mom ready to rock your socks off. I should put on extras.
    110 - A young Faye Reagan?
    114 - Sometimes......
    126 - Just, why?
    132 - Tiffany Lakosky. Mom, cancer survivor, deer slaying bad-ass.
    141 - When I said make me a sandwich, that's not what I meant. This, however, is better. A lot better.
    150 - Looks like the anticipation is overwhelming.
    156 - WTF is this? Thailand? That'll be enough of that.
    157 - Yet, your study is exponentially more accurate than the CDC, CNN, and .gov's all combined. Great data sets as well. The Chief Nosewetter would approve.

    Another spectacular way to kick off the weekend. Though you could have left the reminder of how short it is, out.
    Well, we aren't going to The Cabin, this weekend - but we are going to a house party. So there is that.
    Have a great weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  14. ???! a bolt action rifle firing full auto ??

    1. I was wondering who else would notice that.

      Whitehall, NY

    2. It’s digital cgi wallpaper. Everything is subjected to fakery. Irish

  15. Yeah that Metallica pic has me feeling REALLY old

  16. Thank you! I start every Saturday morning with this post. Awesome way to begin the weekend.

  17. Irish, I enjoyed the boobs until that last one. That was a dirty trick.

  18. This collection is rated Boobalicious!

  19. Thank for the Saturday morning chuckles :))))) and ladies :) also where is pic 148?

  20. When in doubt, I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPnrAkG-3sM

    Excellent set again.

    1. And, he has excellent taste in music, as well.
      I knew I liked you for a reason.

      Whitehall, NY

  21. Good stuff! I needed this today.

  22. Appreciate it - good end to the week. Thanks, Irish!


  23. Bettie Page and Bo Derek, thank you.

    81, I don't care what the critics say or said, 1941 is still one of my favorite movies and Captain Wild Bill Kelso was a great character!!

    105 is Slovak model Carisha

    Another great effort! Much obliged!

  24. Irish, bodacious as ever! Awesome memes and such fine examples of the ladies. Compliments to the chef!!

  25. Well done, sir.
    Ohio Guy


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