Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......













 Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!




  1. Very nice. Thanks Irish!

  2. Well, speaking strictly for me, you can take the Bond Aston Martin off the list. And just where the hell is The Bandit?

    1. Mad Max for me...last of the V-8 Interceptors! Shut the gate on this one, Maxie, and it's the duck's guts!

    2. Ditto the firebird. So I took the charger.

    3. I'd choose the keys for the Delorean.
      Then I'd go "Back in ti-i-i-me" with a good rifle and plenty of ammo and sort some shit out so none of the crap we're going through would never happen.

    4. Yep. I would have included the Bandits TransAm (the only thing Trans I'm for). Of the Cars listed I'd choose the General Lee since that CSN Naval Ensign on the roof triggers all the right people.

    5. Damn guys….while the General Lee is the obvious choice, as many times as it jumped bridges it spent more time in the air than on the ground. On the plus side, it likely comes with frequent flyer miles!

  3. Thank you, Irish!
    from another Irishman,
    B Dougherty

  4. Still Not Dr. JimAugust 5, 2022 at 9:05 PM

    Nice collection of older women. That black vette almost makes me cry - what a shame. Aston Martin. Applewood smoked, please. Thanks for the diversion, Irish. Sigh - back to the real world now.

  5. Nice laugh on 9, nice hooker on 38, nice home town girl on 56, nice fleshy on 57, nice soaking wet on 59, nice bib on 91, nice older lady on 93, 116 (honey, you need your hair done - bad), nice eyeful on 107, very nice bouncy on 131, 153.

    At least you saved the best for the last half.

  6. Thanks Irish. Tasty, tasteful, low fat and satisfying.

  7. #106 I know that look.

  8. You, Sir, never disappoint. A worthy femme fatale yet again. Thanks for posting.

  9. Thank you for the Star Trek memory!

    1. I was trying Strange New Worlds and realized both Characters played by Roddenberry's side piece and eventual Majel Barrett, Nurse Chapel and Number One are regular characters.

  10. Thanks for what you do. Always look forward to Friday anyway and this always makes it better.
    I think this was the best one ever

  11. Good show. You know, Irish, if I were President every Friday would be declared "National Titty Day" in honor of your service to the country.

  12. Well, what can one say about another OUTSTANDING collage of buxom women with a nice sprinkling of deadly redheads and, saving the best for near the end FLASHERS. #88 Bond, James Bond. #103 Red head death stare. #104 Liz Hurley, 57 years old never looked so good. #125 I watched that GIF three times before I realized that she wasn't going to release them. Nice tease though. #137 Very pretty giggling woman. #139 that would be a DEAD cat.

    Thanks for another very entertaining FFF. Have a great weekend.


  13. Oh... My... God... .
    I want that so bad I can taste it.

  14. Great selection as usual.

    1: The dream has warm beer?

    3: I wonder if she whistles during free-fall.

  15. The condition of that 63 vette was sacrilegious. And that sounds like the perfect Van Halen concert. I was blessed to be able to attend concerts when cigarettes were still allowed, so pot smoking was never even noticed or cared about. Great stuff as always.

  16. 2 - OK. Where is the rest of the Coven?
    3 - Zero G boobies look awesome. Who knew?
    17 - BTDT
    19 - That is one sweet looking Brownie.
    20 - Looks like Maine winters are a bitch.
    21 - POTN 1st Alternate
    29 - What an inglorious death. Snow tires? On a Split Window? AREYOUFUCKINGKIDDINGME?
    30 - Wicked sweet 72 High Boy, Camper Special. Nice!
    32 - 79 Shortbed Dent Side. Sexy!
    34 - Hacked up Gennie Bronc. Shame.
    38 - That's right darlin'. Nobody rides for free.
    41 - AR15 Prototype? I don't think it is a AR180, as the receiver looks forged, not stamped.
    43 - Phil better not let the wife see his new Shop Apprentice.
    50 - Love a pasty skinned girl. Hell, I like 'em so much, I married one.
    55 - A Classic Hot Mom
    63 - Now that is a REALLY Hot Mom.
    69 - MILF of the Night 1st Alternate
    70 - MOTN 2nd Alternate
    75 - I'd take Applewood, unless there is some of The Farm's Corn Cob Smoked Bacon kicking around. Wicked Good!
    83 - Lucky seat.
    84 - With friends like that, who needs fantasies.
    88 - The 73 XB GT Falcon, of course. As if you needed to ask?
    93 - Wow, that is stunning. MOTN for sure. So close to taking POTN as well.
    98 - OMG, there are Hot Mom's everywhere tonight. Not that I'm complaining.
    103 - My POTN. I probably wouldn't survive the weekend, but it would be worth it.
    117 - Love to watch a girl that enjoys her work, prepare.
    127 - Judging by the early look. I'd say that was a 80 - 83 full sized Bronco.
    129 - Like they say - Rubbing is RACY.
    141 - I miss them all.
    142 - For what she probably paid for them, she should be proud.
    148 - Looks like the Supply Chain Crisis has finally affected the Adrenochrome supply.
    149 - Those are nice, but the Moose Knuckle is a bit excessive.....
    150 - That looks tempting.
    153 - Wowsers! Impressive OEM Hooters. The best kind.

    Defiantly the Night of the Hot Moms. And what a selection it was.
    Looks like you missed out on the storms we got. It poured here for about 3 hours.
    Have a great weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  17. Great selection!@

  18. Hi Irish!!!!!!!,
    foto #3!!!!!!!!!!!!! The foto of the nude Lady Skydiver ... clad only in Parachute, sneakers, gloves, helmet and goggles!! I don't know how or where you got it from but "THAT" foto has a history that I can tell you ... so here goes... first have to take a hit of my Jim Beam and cola (Pepsi... won't touch "coke' with a 10 foot pole since they went "WOKE!!!") ..onward...
    Picture if you will a "Drop Zone somewhere in Southern California somewhere in the 1980's".... (If my memory serves me correctly) a group of people called "Skydivers" who derive ultimate pleasure from jumping from aircraft in flight from high altitudes!! Fun and frolic in freefall only adds to the psyche of these ego maniac's!!!
    This is a "Year around pursuit!!!!" more enjoyable during the "warmer months!!" and the summer solstice is at the peak... will surly get a "Nude Skydive" organized.....
    Well bud.. you got the "Nude Skydive Foto of the 20th Century right HERE!!!" I was at the "DZ" that day that that dive was organized.. I believe it was either a 16 or 20-way (Both Male and Female Participants!!!) The Males were rom "MARS".. the Females were from "VENUS" and there were no participants from ""URANUS!!!!" I was on the deck when the dive went off.. I was jumping with another group doing a "Regular Skydive" scheduled for the next plane load..... "Joni" is the name of the Lady... "Dave" was the aerial photographer... Dave had a penchant for being at "The right place at the right time" when it came to ...need I say more...
    Well, an 8x10 foto (as you posted foto #3!!) got hung on the wall in the DZ BAR!!!!! It got "Stolen" several times (about 4 as i recall) and recovered... the thieves were not stealthy and surrendered..... finally the foto was "BOLTED" to the wall!! Joni is still around but we lost Dave to Cancer a few years ago now!! Made many Skydives with both...... Good Friend's!!.....

    Want to know more.... meet me at the BAR!!... 'will gladly tell more over "COLD BEER!!!!"... because no good story starts with a "salad!!!!!!!"

    1. Somehow, Skybill, I knew when I found that picture that you would somehow be involved in knowing the naked woman.!


  19. #88. The things I'd do with a flying, fusion-powered time-machine! The others are cool, but they just move in space, and they need roads.

  20. Superb, absolutely Superb. Thanks Irish!!

  21. I don't know what #22 is, but I want one, and I don't even like camping. Number 82 is going to navigate. Waking up is overrated.

  22. Based on things to come, I would have expected the ‘73 Ford Falcon to be snatched up immediately.

  23. Sterling job, as always, Irish.
    # 88 :
    No 1966 Batmobile?

  24. Great as always!

    #29...the owner moved from couldn't afford the insurance to couldn't afford the repairs.
    #106...I love women who look like women, not the prepubescent shaved look.

  25. 1wish I were here. 3 Joni according to Skybill my new hero. 5 Mean the future. 11Amber Christensen. 12 Is that Emma Glover. 15 Two carburetors on that engine, seen one in my yutes. 21 nicol ramirez. 27 Tulsa Native. 38 I'm in love with Jena Sims. 40 Big Boy I have seen him run. 45 Nice. 47 BROOKLYN KELLY 52 Judit Guerra. 55 Shirley Quimby. 58 Is that Natasha Nice? 60 Love me some Barbara Palvin. 61 Lucia Javorcekova smoke show. 62 Angelina Petrova 63 Nice Milf. 64 Would that be Carter Cruise with Natalia Starr? 67 Classy Barbie Benton. 69 Nice Milf. 74 Bar Refaeli smoke show.75 Applewood. 76 truth. 77 Lena Katina would make a good Ukrainian bride. 80 Franciele Christ smoke show. 82 Aka Asuka. 83 Valeria Astapova. 88 Mad Max. 89 Amanda Sagaz smoke show. 90 Rachel Vallori looks good enough to eat. 91 Kenna has some big tits. 95 Katie Marie Cork. 102 Marina Visconti is active. 103 Sophie Jane/Sophiex has a secret life. 104 Elizabeth Hurley is very pretty. 107 Vanessa DeVille.108 Beautiful Redhead wish I were younger. 111 Corinna Kopf. 113 Red Head Beauty.120 Stout Russian. 122 Julia Ambya. 124 Pashence Marie. 134 Connie Carter. 137 viola bailey.

  26. I spent waaaay too much time on #88.

  27. An entire page with zero bush... and that wasted 1963 split window vette put tears in my eyes.
    Carry On,

    1. You must've been laughing so hard at the Peanuts cartoon that you missed the fuzz on #106. Pay attention next time, will 'ya?

  28. Was going through all the comments to see if anyone noticed #102; only Bear Claw noticed the absolute astounding mix of size, shape, and perfection in her set. Hey Bear, if you don't claim her can I have her?

  29. 88 - James Bond without a doubt.

  30. I eat bacon every day and I'm skinny. The secret is to carefully match bacon and beer inputs.


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