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Sunday, July 24, 2022

What if Nothing Happens?

 Last night I was scrolling the webz and came across a clip from 10 years ago. Here

the media "actually" did their job although it was shut down and obviously "nothing happened"

Check this out:


 Which leads me to this:

I know I have referred to this a few times in the past. This graphic was posted in January of 2018

What can we add to the list since then? In the fifth paragraph Taxihack listed some obvious crimes

that should have been investigated but, nothing happened.

Just over four and a half years has gone by. Adding to the list will make all the incrementalism

more apparent? No?

 Quickly off the top of my head:


Las Vegas Shooting

Ed Buck

Hunter Biden



Bill Gates


Covid -Fauci

Election tally being halted

2000 mules documentary

January 6th

The fake dossier on Trump

Pelosi DUI

Pelosi insider trading


Add more in the comments.


  1. Epstein and Maxwell's client list.

  2. ...and I wish Taxicab was still bogging. Him, Vanderbaugh and Woodpile were some of the great reads in the blogosphere.


  3. Clinton private server, Seth Rich

  4. For whatever satanic reason, Pelosi seems protected from justice. I can only hope she goes to jail before she dies.

    1. Treason is a capital offense.

    2. Let's not forget the BLM shooting of five police officers in Dallas as well as the "suicide " of John McAfee in a Spanish prison. You wanna go down a rabbit hole, dig into those.

  5. McCabe, Strock, Page, Humadan, Fusion, Halper, Holder

  6. Vince Foster
    Cattle Futures/$100k

    Ray Epps
    Ashli Babbitt
    Rosanne Boyland

    But hey, “What difference does it make?”

  7. There is no longer any rule of law, anywhere at anytime. The Pirates of the Caribbean quote comes to mind. Take what you can, give nothing back. You missed a key example, Debbie Whatshername Shultz and the paki laptop/hacking issue. I for one, am waiting for good weather rioting so I can do some strategic looting. Why not, its what society wants and expects.

    1. Why did that post as anonymous? Hmmm
      I never post anonymous.
      I ain't hiding from nobody, nobody hiding from me.

    2. You might want to start wth this guy


  8. the firearm smuggling debacle with eric place holder, fast and furious.

  9. The rule of law died in America on July 5th of 2016 when comey announced he would not prosecute hillary.
    Everything after that is meaningless.

    Do as you wish, just don't get caught.
    this is the new law.

    1. Do as you wish, fuck it if you get caught CAUSE NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN! There, I fixed it for ya.

    2. Nothing is going to happen if you're part of the protected class. If you're part of the unprotected class, they'll prosecute just to make the process the punishment.

  10. I don't wanna type that much.
    The upper mgmt (at least) of all federal agencies.
    All politicians.
    Lois Lerner lives in a millionaire community drawing a 6 figure pension/retirement - plius more we can be sure.

  11. Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi

  12. How far back do you want to go???

  13. what is needed is the facts behind all of this bullshit stealing be made PUBLIC. as over 90% of the people have no idea how bad this shit is. we need to put the info out there, with pictures and wake them the hell up.
    they have bein robbing the country blind for years amd sp far have gotten away with all of it.

  14. The missing $2 billion from the State Department, the open border, catch and release, moving illegal aliens throughout the country

    Michael in Nelson

  15. You put them in jail they pay the goobermint no fines($). You expose them and you get Arkancided.

    That 60 minute video was the end of an era when the old jokes about 60 minutes showing up at your door was a bad day.

    Diane Sawyer, Ed Bradley, Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner and Morley Safer, when they showed up the squirm effect/shadenfrued was the most entertaining thing on TV.

    IMO Mike Wallace was the best at getting the squirm factor. His son, bwahahaha his last endeavors were leaving fox for CNN+

    Days long gone. No one is coming to save us. Get right with God is all that's left.

    1. Ah, yes, the nothing we can do ploy. Jeffery (not the one in AL) must be putting in overtime. The Squab (did you know his dad moved from Switzerland to Germany to run the company that was a supplier for the German war effort, supplying flamethrowers.and was an integral part of researching and developing turbines to produce heavy water for the creation of nuclear weapons for the Nazis?) and Dr Evil must be scared.

  16. For those not old enough to remember, a sitting and lawfully elected United States President was murdered in broad daylight in Dallas, TX on 11/22/1963. Americans still do not know who did it. And as geezers like me (age 75) get ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, the succeeding generations of GenX, GenY, and Millennials don't want to know and could care less. H.L. Mencken once opined that: "...no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Given the current state of this corrupt and syphilitic-thinking country, I do not believe anything short of a massive currency collapse or a massive die-off due to the jabs and boosters will motivate the sheeple, normies, and cucks to do a damned. thing.

    1. Spare me, Jeffery (not the one in AL). Oswald did it. He may have had Russian help, but he did it. He was an expert with that weapon. Warren muddied the waters (surprise!) because his crew didn't know what they were doing.

    2. Pullease. I'll bet you think the Gulf of Tonkin thing happened too.

  17. The internet is a dangerous place to discuss things like these. Guarantee you're being monitored. Freedom of speech isn't the problem. Freedom after you speak is another story.

    1. Jeffery (not the one in AL) spreads a little paranoia along with the FUD.

  18. I see the trolls are here, spreading all the FUD.

    I beg to differ nothing has happened. Back in the old days, it was decades before we knew the Kennedys stole the election of 1960. There were only 3 networks, 2 wire services. History had been homogenized.

    Now we learn just how badly Lincoln trashed the Constitution and started a war that could and should have been avoided. We learn George McClellan was a better general than we were taught.

    The difference is we know about everything Irish listed. Something has happened. Democrats are scared purple about the impending election that they may get turned out in record numbers. They're worried about Trump/DeSantis.

    We'll see what happens in November, but the idea that the Demos have gotten away with it is nonsense. We are very angry.

    And we're not even hungry.


  19. Please someone, somewhere, post a photo of the Pentagon after the airline crash.
    Been waiting for that one.

  20. The uranium one deal.

  21. Senator Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy as her driver for nearly 20 years.

  22. My wife came up with the most appropriate answer:
    "It gets worse. And, still nothing happens!"
    The line is getting closer. Fourth box.

  23. History is an endless iteration of nothing happens...until everything happens at once. We note the tinder, but never guess the spark, though we all reap the conflagration after.

    And as for the generational criticism noted above...did I miss the riots at the capitol after Kennedy was assassinated? No? I thought so.
    I am Gen X- we are as much to blame as any, I suppose; thus, I will not scorn any by "generation"- something about motes and beams, from a wise carpenter, many years ago.
    Each generation is as good, and as bad, as those before. My children are my betters, in many ways. May they correct my failures in their time.

    So- The issue is the same, always- who puts the bell on the cat? Who dives in with Jaws? The first ones will lose everything;
    if you're getting ready to "shuffle off this mortal coil", then perhaps YOU'LL see things differently, perhaps not. But please- don't imply cowardice where prudence better answers, unless YOU have done that which you seek in others.

    When the time comes, nothing can stop it; history, is inexorable. And heroes will spring from the humblest abodes- make no wager as to who will rise.

    Sent from my NSA device.

  24. Even if they started throwing those deserving of it into jail, ask yourself, "who runs the prison system?" The Fed and State governments. And remember, who controls the Witness Protection Program? Yep! The Feds. They can give anyone the nessessary documented life to become their star witnesses to prove just how innocent they really are of any and all wrong-doings. And if that person becomes a liability? Ding! they commit suicide, and go back to their original lives or to another, new life. Who says it can't happen? Why, the government of course!
    I'm just a highschool grad, if I can think of this, just imagine what all the best and brightest employed by the government could come up with, given a little stimulation, and a fat bonus of our tax dollars(tax-free, of course).

  25. Nothing happens because no one is leading, simple as that. Not one person on the dissident right is able or willing to say "This is the alternative, here is how we will do things and why this is good." Until that happens , you can really expect people to act .

    That said people were kind of acting, January 6th and Unite the Right in Charlottesville. We just suck at organization and goal setting

    You want to win learn from the Left and the anti abortion people. Become goal oriented and stop worrying about how you get there . The right is overly concerned with the process with legitimacy and all that and not enough with outcomes.

    What do you want matters more than anything else and no one seems to have an answer for that.

  26. Taxicab Depressions was my absolutely fav blog. The writing was cutting edge and nasty truth. Loved that guy. When he disappeared, we were the worst off for it. Miss him still-after all these years.



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