Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Lite Version. Less Memes No Politics...





 Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!



  1. Replies
    1. How the hell did Irish get a GIF of my dream?

    2. @ Phil, same reaction I had on #121 :)

  2. Thank you.

    Love the SCUBA on 17, nice bouncy on 7, 19, 25 knows how to wash her drawers, nice gauze on 28, nice sway on 29, nice mud on 35, nice tush on 43, 107, nice costume jewelry on 44, 46, very nice older lady on 45, 75, nice pendant on 63 (see how you look when you don't get all inked up?), nice fleshy on 64, nice tan lines on 78, nice pillows on 6, 34, 79, nice MILF on 101.

    1. This would be a hell of lot easier to follow the comments if there is a way to number the post. Way too intoxicated to count to 27. Think I gelit it right

    2. They're numbered in the web version

    3. Or you can just say something like, "Hey Irish, nice job", download the tittie pics you want and go quietly into the night.

  3. Memes, Meat, Motor vehicles and Mammaries. Ah, Friday

  4. Good lord that was a hell of a post, just about had to do chest compressions on meself to restart ye olde ticker!
    Thanks Irish!

  5. Tasteful, not over done at all. I admire your restraint.

  6. Flashers, 4, 7, 13 (booty flashing yoga pants), 19 WOW!.
    21 Only Fans Acct - LOL
    28 Nothing like a wet woman with a pretty face.
    80 That face, those boobs perfection.
    90 My horoscope's been telling me that daily for too long.
    95 Being at work and wanting to kill people. Yep.
    98 mmm ... mmm ... mmm Redhead
    122 the end

    Nice fantasy header pic. This weeks collage just chock full of beautiful woman, of a nice age spread, fearlessly entertaining us with their best features. The faces on a goodly number of these pulchritudinous femme fatales are a wonderful juxtaposition to their magnificent mammaries and round fully packed booties. Magnificent!

    Have a great weekend


  7. Reminds me of what we used to sneak into the briefing slides back in the day... sigh...

  8. Ah, Friday! Nice Mercury Cyclone. But I'd still rather have a Chevy SS. (And WTF did Blogger do to fuck up this comment form - it's one line high and 30 char wide.) My first car was a Mustang II. Really, it didn't suck.

    Changed from Name/URL to Anonymous - at least now I have a textarea to type in. Name/URL - used to be the URL was optional.

    I like boobies.

  9. Now this is an FFF!!!! Amazing Job Irish, thank you for listening to your readers!! Perfect blend

  10. I never got a briefing of that kind, dagnabbit. Good job on today's FFFF!

  11. 3 - That would be a LOT of clothes......
    4 - Outstanding. Would love to see the full feature, extended version.
    10 - Tripping balls, or my balls are tripping - not sure which......
    15 - Nice
    16 - And Bubba nails the landing. The Russians didn't score it very well though.
    18 - Looks like a comfy ride.
    21 - A friend of my daughter went right off the rails - started stripping and has an Only Fans account. No, I haven't tried to find her. Just wrong on so many levels.
    24 - 68 High Boy, Ranger edition. Forestry Service special, perhaps?
    26 - Mmmmmmm. Puffies!
    27 - MMMMMmmffh! Nom, nom, nom. Mmmmmfh. Nom, nom, nom...........
    28 - I love that look.
    40 - Nipple rings....... I just don't get it. Beautiful girl, otherwise.
    44 - Something is off in this pic. I'm getting a weird Lady-boi vibe from these three.
    47 - Nose rings, too. Gorgeous women don't need such detraction from their beauty.
    55 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    59 - Soul eater has me in her sights. Lucky me.
    62 - MILF of the Night
    63 - GILF?
    76 - Was in the running, but the dreads killed it. Didn't like them on Bo, either.
    80 - POTN 1st Alternate
    86 - Another sweet Bump Side. Need to get her back to a more reasonable, stockish ride height, though.
    87 - No Shit. Right?
    92 - Old School, late 70's J20
    98 - My POTN!
    111 - There is a rare Merc. A super speedway Cyclone Spoiler. 429 SCJ Fastback. Probably worth around $50000, depending on options and if it is in original condition. Oh, to drive it just once.
    112 - Accept no substitutes!

    It definitely was a lite version.
    I, for one, like the meme's and scathing political mockery. Anything that causes the left pain, I approve of.
    It makes me laugh. Fuck 'em with a JDAM.
    Not to say that it wasn't a quality collection, it absolutely was.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  12. #6 could easily take care of the baby formula shortage.

  13. This week's version is titled "I like boobs a lot" or "I like a lot of boobs". Either way is fantastic. Like Leigh, I absolutely love the anti-leftist memes. Really helps me get through the 4 years of the Biden Pandemic. Brought to you by CHI-NA! Thanks Irish.

  14. This makes up for not having the winning ticket. OK, I exaggerate, but only slightly. Thank you.

  15. To everyone that bitched about last week's FFF having too many memes and not enough titties - Thank you!

  16. 5 Natalia Andreeva. 11 Alley Baggett.21 Funny as Shit. 22 Ines Cudna

  17. Outstanding Gaelic posting today Irish. Love me some surf and turf. Kids around illegal bondfires was some of the best lawbreaking and illegal beer drinking I ever did. Still happens in rural America, big cities, not so much. Have a great weekend

  18. Wow. Just WOW Irish! Very well done. Welcome back. Mrs Robinson XO

  19. The boobs, the cars, good job Irish.
    However the vintage electronics was unexpected...nice!

  20. 19, 22, 27!! Wow what knockers!


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