Monday, May 2, 2022

Remember The Rabbit Hole I Mentioned This Morning? IT's YUGE.....

  First off, thanks for the lunch , pub, beer , dinner ideas near Sunapee and Claremont. The meeting went good but it went later than we expected. I just headed back to the East Coast. ( No I wasn't walking STxAR :) )

Most likely I will be out that way again so I'll make better arrangements now that I have a list.

Again , Thank for the suggestions.

Now onto the rabbit hole.  When I was researching Sullivan Machine and Claremont NH there

was a link to this page that someone had posted in a comment thread.


I haven't explored any more than a few pages on a few of those links and only on

this one page shown below.

"Making of America."  There are tons of links under each of those headings seen here as

a snip:



The one I was led to was Manufacturing and Builder ( 1969-1894 )

Click on that leads to this snip image:


Now click on any of those "Item Links" and it will take you to a copy of the digitized book.

The first one I followed "Vol. 1 1869 leads to a 386 page book.... 


 and there are 26 Volumes.


So, from the first image snapshot above there are 23 Categories in "Making of America."

Under each of those there are god knows how many links to the various publications.

This is a rabbit hole of unimaginable depth and intricacy.   I haven't even gone to the Cornell

Home or Search fuction at the tippy top of their page and checked to see it it goes to an 

upper level.....

Here is the link again.....


Leave a comment if you find anything really interesting for the rest of us.

Have fun, 



  1. What you stumbled upon is nothing less than a how-to manual of industry from a time of simple machines and hand-work. Given the times we are facing, the complete set would be a valuable resource in the event of a grid out or complete implosion of modern industry and supply.
    I opened to one section on how to make a fishhook. Useful to be able to find instructions such as those for the simple things that will be needed when supply and production breaks down.
    I am downloading the entire series. It is slow but I am sure it will be worth it.

    Thank you,

  2. That's the Black Hole of all Rabbit Holes, Irish! I could spent waaay too much time there!

  3. Page 273 of The Democratic Review (1859) describes The Irishman.

  4. I like their publication title, MOA. Ha see what I did there.

  5. Found this, "The Old guard : a monthly journal devoted to the principles of 1776 and 1787".

    In the "Old Guard: 1863-1867 may come in handy sooner than we think.

  6. I had a link to Library of Congress: Books That Shaped America that I was going to post here. However, I checked to make sure it was still "live" and of course it is NOT. Bummer. There were some good titles in that compilation by authors of note.

    Thanks for this other rabbit hole, I think.



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