Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Cliff Note Edition....









Just need a ball gag

Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Nice allure on 88, and is that Bernadette (or a classy lady from a century before) and Helen Mirren?

    1. Well done there is still some sexy out there

  2. AOC is dumb as a rock and communist traitor...
    But she has really shiny hair and great tits.
    Thanks for making Friday's worthwhile!

  3. ! & 17 old body younger mind. I can relate. 105 is Morgan Fairchild, I'm pretty sure. Salma Hyack TWICE, along with Cybil, Farrah, Helen and Dolly, outstanding.

    Ball gag for AOC? Nah, she needs to be gagged with something else.

    How distressing that the memes succinctly describe the political climate in the country. The upside is that we still have the right to mock them and barring something really terrible happening, we always will.

    No flashers? Sniff. Kidding. A lot of very healthy well rounded examples of the human female as art.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  4. Despite Phoebe Cates, I thought I was doomed to disappointment but #120 saved the day. 84 and 95 made me laugh. Another win. Thank you, sir. May we have another?

  5. Something is a little off about that 1967 GTO. I don't think that's the stock engine!

  6. 41 so hot without the plastic
    48 it's a shame she advocated to eliminate nudity in movies and we never saw her much after that
    73 Nice swagger
    75 clean up on aisle 3

    Thanks for the Friday night fix
    Teddy P

  7. #39 was looking at me like she knew I had blown right past the notes to myself.

  8. Looks like Donna from Beverly hillbillies

  9. Always a great start to a Saturday morning. Thanks Irish. Now go find that missing bolt.

  10. Nice MILFS, meme's, food, automobiles and old classy pmates, love me some old classy pmates. Thanks Irish.

  11. 1 - Hits it on the head. I crashed on the couch after supper, last night. Woke up at 6:20 this morning.
    2 - Nice.
    3 - Really nice.
    8 - An original looking 75, not overlifted. Can't be sure, but that looks like a 429 badge on the fender. Impressive.
    10 - The face of disappointment.
    13 - I'll even admit; that is a nice lookin Z.
    17 - I taped over mine, years ago.
    23 - POTMorning Alternate
    29 - Nice looking Dent Side hauling some ass.
    30 - Making the Outdoors Great Again!
    31 - Green eyes and freckles. A wonderful combination.
    33 - Love me a Fastback.
    34 - Looks like that hurt. A lot. Not that it wasn't going to happen, the ties are all rotted to hell.
    38 - My POTM
    41 - Dolly. On the Letterman Show, she said her biggest pet peeve was nobody realized she had a great ass, too. I noticed.
    50 - Lace in the morning. About to be the start of a great day.
    51 - Yowsers!
    58 - Ripley was never quite that voluptuous.
    60 - Hot mom of the morning. Yeah, I'm ready for breakfast.
    80 - Clean K5.
    86 - Yeah, she is worthy of doing twice - and then some.
    91 - We used to have a subscription to TV Guide.
    93 - Oh, look: GLOWIES.
    97 - That is an awesome photoshop, but should have blended Panche's neck a little better.
    105 - Morgan Fairchild.
    115 - Satanico Pandemonium, played by a young Salma Hayek; in the Tarentino cult classic: From Dusk Till Dawn. Possibly Inspired by the Mexican film: Satanico Pandemonium: La Sexorcista.
    117 - I'll go with: Name two good things about AOC, Alex.
    118 - Forgot the Supreme Court abortion leak.

    I may have missed it when it got posted, but it makes for a good start to my morning.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  12. Ps Viewmaster and hong kong phooey will have me laughing all day.

  13. Nothing like a quickie! Thanks Irish!

  14. Lotta food at the beginning. You must have been hungry. Still found lots of snacks of a different kind. Thanks for another great Friday!

  15. 117 is just wrong. And the un"vaccinated" are actually dying....just not of Covid, myocarditis, hepatitis, "unexpectedly", or any of the countless ways that the jabbed are dying as a result of the JAB!! Everything that lives, eventually dies.

  16. #2 badge says 350 as in one ton, front axle looks to be 1/2 ton. #33 my first car. I must be getting too old, I recognize the vehicles but not the ladies so much. Mr Irish you impeccable taste in both. Thank you

  17. Another great collection!

    The SCTV crew brings back memories!

    Excellent work on the ladies. Is that a young Dolly at 41? Phoebe and Jennifer at 48, Zuzana Drabinova at 53, Morgan at 105, and Selma at 115...
    And is that Larry Wilcox and Eric Extrada on the bikes?

    Thanks for all your efforts!


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