Thursday, April 14, 2022

On the Invasion of the U.S. southern border....


On the Invasion of the U.S. southern border

TX better have a very large fleet of buses lined up to transport the thousands of people that are purported to be en-route over the next few months, otherwise this is just another stunt. It's probably just a stunt anyway.

Overall, I think busing the invaders to DC is a good idea on TX part.

However, ask yourself these questions. What happens when they get to DC? Who, what organization is giving them food and shelter when they arrive? Where do they get the money to go elsewhere, as the MSM and the White House reports that DC is an "interim stop" to other places in the U.S.?

More questions: Does anyone really believe that people, including YOUNG CHILDREN, are WALKING thousands of miles from Central and South America to get to the U.S. border? The pictures of people supposedly walking to the border, rarely show them with backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Are they sleeping rough under the stars during their valiant attempt to reach the USA, as the MSM would have you believe?

How does an army march(walk)? On its belly. (Napoleon)

How are they getting food? If people really are walking that far, how is it that most of the mature women are still overweight when they get to the U.S. border? Trust me. If they were walking a thousand miles in a couple of months they'd be thin. Look at pictures of the late 1800's pioneers. There wasn't an ounce of fat on any of them.

The distance from just Mexico's southern border to the U.S. border is ~1125 miles, through rough country. Wagon trains during the 1800's U.S. westward expansion averaged 2mph and they traveled, on average, for 10 hours per day or 20 miles. They didn't advance every day either. They took at least one rest day per week just for the animals, never mind the people and that depended on the weather and terrain along the way.

Equating that to people walking from the Guatemala border to the USA, it takes 56.25 days to walk that distance walking EVERY DAY. The wagon trains of the 1800's didn't advance every day.

Food to power walking requires one to consume 1500 calories/day just to power walking, never mind the amount of calories needed to maintain the rest of the body, another 1000 minimum calories per day to power BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). So where are these people getting a minimum of 2500 calories per day to power their walking? They're certainly not hunting or foraging for those calories. Foraging and/or hunting would slow their speed of advance and would strip the countryside of plant and animal calories. With the MILLIONS that have covered that ground already there wouldn't be much left by this time. I'm sure the local Mexicans would vehemently protest the reduction of those available calories because it would deny them the means of feeding themselves.

What does 2500 calories look like? Power Bars average a little over 250 calories each and weigh 2.4 ounces each. That's a 3.5”X2.5”X.50” slab of plant protein, starch and sugar with few vitamins. That's 10 power bars at a pound and half per day for each person walking. That's 56 pounds of compact calories per person to be carried how, given the lack of backpacks.

What about water? A 150 pound human body requires a half gallon of water per day just to function while sitting around doing mostly nothing. Walking 20 miles, ups that required intake to between 3/4 and 2 gallons per day depending on a bunch of factors including heat from the walking environment. Are all these millions of people drinking from creeks, brooks, streams and rivers that are notoriously contaminated in Mexico, never mind being few and far between? If they were, they'd be dying from dysentery and cholera by the millions (Invasion problem solved). But, they're not. They're getting clean water from somewhere IF they're walking. Who is supplying it?

It's not the coyotes/cartels. They don't care if you live or die as long as they get paid.

56 pounds of compact food and let's say 2 gallons of water at 8.2 pounds per gallon (to account for not finding water every day) weighs a total of ~72 pounds (assuming a full load on day one of walking because there's no resupply except for water from somewhere), not including backpack, tent, sleeping bag, a knife and fire making tools; not including cook pots, change of clothes and various other sundries PER PERSON.

That's a load that elite troops carry since the time of the Romans. Every day third worlders? Not a chance.

If you're carrying dry beans and brown rice, more traditional foods from central/south America, the pounds of just food almost doubles for the journey because the calories compared to density ratio drops substantially. Then you have to find MORE water to cook it with.

Could you or your child carry that over 1125 miles or even 20 miles on the first day?

There's a reason pioneers used BIG wagons on their westward migration in the 1800's.

There's also a reason why these people aren't walking 1125 miles from Guatemala or anywhere south of there to the U.S. southern border.

Why isn't this being researched and/or publicized by anyone in the media or some independent “journalist” you ask? Because it doesn't fit the narrative of the “sainted migrant” searching for a better life. The MSM would cry RACIST, NAZI and every epithet that they customarily use to smear people that aren't being cowed to conform to the “narrative”. The “journalist” reporting the research would at minimum be canceled and probably be shot and killed by some .gov employed goon. (Sounds like a job for the EFF BEE EYE.)

Then there's Pelosi and Biden, the self proclaimed “good Catholics” having their very first private audiences with the Pope last year, after both serving a combined near century in DC. Coincidence? Did I tell you about this bridge I have for sale? (I don't have an axe to grind with Catholic people. I was baptized in the Catholic Church. The current and near past Church hierarchy is another matter).

These questions don't even delve into the moral, Constitutional and political questions involved, although all of them are morally, Constitutionally and politically related. 



  1. Also, they all seem to have Cell Phones. Who pays the bill? Where do they charge 'em?

    Enquiring minds......

  2. We've gone through their leftovers and garbage.
    They're riding busses north.
    Always have been. It's only the last mile or two to the border they're walking, and maybe 40 miles after that, to a pick-up spot.

    Hope that clears up the confusion for ya.

    I like Abbott's plan, on paper. But he should be walking the lot to Washington, D.C., and handing them off to folks at the state line to continue the practice.

  3. 'Catholic Charities' is paying for a huge chunk of this. From bus, train, boat and plane passage costs to food and lodging and setting up huge camps and portable kitchens.

    1. Catholic Charities isn't paying a dime. You are. I am. Look at where CC is getting its funds from.

  4. Who has claimed they are walking a 1,000 miles?

    I've not seen it.

    Coming from Guatemala, doesnt necessarily mean walking.

  5. they are being paid to make the trip. and they are being bused as well. food and water at stops along the way. there a lot of money behind this shit. look at the UN and that rat bastard soros. but I be willing to bet a lot of other assholes are helping this shit too. it would not be a shock to find out the money we "give" to the UN is paying for a large part of this as well.
    every fucker in the davos group wants the country to fall. same for the guys up north of us.
    the main idea I think is to get everyone dirt poor and starving so it will be easier to rule over us.
    like kings of old. the power of life and death over us. like they always say, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  6. Nemo nails it. This is just common sense. Any of us that hunt/hike/backpack know you don't just jump up and go. Logistics is EVERYTHING. You didn't pack it? Hope you can do without it! These 'migrants' arrive in flip flops, no packs, and overweight. They didn't walk any farther than from a hotel to the bus. You think differently, you're deluding yourself, and you've never actually been farther out than a campground. 

  7. I've been saying this since the beginning. Rush Limbaugh said the same thing. He said "These people don't look to have missed a meal." I saw that and the utterly clean clothes. CLEAN. NO WRINKLES. One would even go as far as to say NEW. These people aren't sleeping on the ground. They aren't walking much either. This is an orchestrated, well funded INVASION.

    1. I'm thinking that after the mid-terms, if the Dems are still in control, the hue and cry will be to register illegals to vote in federal elections.

      And we know who they'll vote for...

  8. Eh, Abbot is my gov and he’s a flag, whichever way the wind blows, there he is. Texas has enough oil revenue from the Permian to build two walls across the entire border, but the wind ain’t blowing that way, yet. How the hell them meskins get to the border is above my pay grade, but they do and nobody in office is doing a damn thing to stop them, so what is the end game? I don’t know about that, but this I do know, everybody in Austin is a neutered possum, eff em all, sorry bastards. Bussing illegals is great for optics, now do something to benefit us native born Texans. I won’t hold my breath.
    Great pic of a partly cloudy day, looks like the view from my porch, thanks.

  9. Texas needs an influx of backhoes. That will solve the problem, nothing else will.

  10. and then once they cross into Texas, AZ or CA, where do they go? I believe they are being trafficked. the children go into prostitution, organ harvesting, and blood harvesting either in the US or they are immediately taken elsewhere, the adults are working at underground business -- living in squalor on MJ farms, packing drugs for illegal sale, continuing to transport illegal, drugs, arms and other things. 90% are MUCH WORSE off for the trip. WHY DO WE NOT KNOW THE TRUTH ON EITHER SIDE OF THE BORDER?

  11. Stunt, theater for the masses, sleight of hand. Call it what you will it is anything but helpful for the American people.
    According to the articles that I have seen so far, a total of approximately 24 criminals have been delivered to DC via the two well publicized bus trips. One person who was interviewed stated that he flew from Guatemala to Mexico near the US border and then just walked across. He was on his way to NYC. DC was just a sightseeing stop for him, paid for by you and me.
    If anyone was serious the bus would be packed until there was no more room on the roof. Or use cattle trucks. Whatever is used is paid for by the taxpayer anyway. I agree with others who think a backhoe at the border would be the most cost effective use of taxpayer dollars.

  12. They should be stopped dead cold at the border. While Abbott’s plan seems to be sensational and a “stick it in your eye” kind of plan to those in D.C., it is doing nothing but flooding the capital with criminals that could potentially infiltrate and overrun our government where it sits.

    If our elected leaders do anything but enforce the law for the protection of the people of the United States, then they are helping to serve the demise and downfall of our country.

    Stand united for the for the security and safety of your fellow man, woman, and child. Stand united against tyranny.

  13. Who cares as long as the buses run on time. I read 1 so far and a second loading.

  14. Wagon trains didn't have decent roads, so you should allow more speed for having the path paved.

    Ups it to a whopping 30 miles a day.

    Thanks for pointing out and asking, "who is feeding these hoards of people coming from South America?"

  15. NGOs like Catholic Charities are moving these people to the border and making millions in doing so because U.S. gov pays them per head. Once they are over the border, these NGOs cut them lose. Invaders then illegally apply for welfare meaning US citizens are robbed a second time giving failed people from failed countries career welfare. What do you call someone who makes money on the commodity of people? A human trafficker. Whether its Pablo in Mexico or Sister Mary in Haiti, they are both coyotes.

  16. l laughed and thought the same of the "Exodus", Pharoah chasing the Isrealites over the desert, they wouldn't have been hard to find, follow the trail of thousands of people and animals shitting, just the smell alone would have been an easy sign.
    and then, you are in the middle of the evening camp, surrounded by thousands of people settling in for the night, and you suddenly need to take a dump......

  17. SHHHHH. Soros says not to ask, so they don't ask. You understand how the game is played....right?


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