Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Fondling Your Pathway To Dopamine....









Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there....


  1. Another excellent compilation, thank you Sir, but 179/180/208/210/228/230 get the gold star, for the ugly reality of what society has morphed into.

  2. So now, like most every Friday evening after the FFFF, I'm really hungry, want a drink, am a bit horny and want a muscle car. Oh yeah, and I also hate the effing gummint!

  3. Riffing off of Grog up top, I hope to see more folks expressing the sentiments displayed in #11. Otherwise, another excellent post, Irish!


  4. Another virtuoso performance in gathering material to entertain us leering, salivating men on a Friday. 16 and 55 are just exquisite examples of the human female as art. #170, a sad commentary on the current generation that know nothing about how auto engines work. Flashing redheads and voluptuous beauties in general. Just over the top. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

    On the theory conspiracist memes, there aren't any conspiracies left. They've been proved true.


    P.S. I was kinda distracted during the viewing as I was listening to Tucker Carlson doing a segment on world wide cow mutilations. I know. Tough choice. Neked womens or listening to Tucker. ;-))

  5. I could have stopped at twenty, because what's better than perfect?

  6. Nice bouncy on 4, 7, 22, nice upholstery on 10, 81, 148, nice chore on 75, very nice suds on 89, 143, nice glass on 103, nice smile on 133, nice foliage on 145, nice everything on 149, nice peekaboo on 211, nice tush on 275, nice frame on 280.

    And Miss Rand is so right.

  7. 20 - Oh, that's nice
    21 - “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire
    29 - G'marin Darlin'
    33 - Nice to see Cederq take some time off.
    41 - My POTN , even in spite of the tat.
    49 - Looks comfy. I could spend all day there.
    56 - Birth cert was proven a forgery by people determined to validate it. The response: So what? Nothing you can do about it now.
    62 - More Demonrat money laundering by another name.
    53 - POTN Alternate 2
    66 - Why? The answer is in the name. The Department of Just Us.
    71 - That look.....
    83 - Love a shy girl.
    92 - Now, the animals are more equal.
    101 - She's crazy hot. Ooops, forgot a comma.
    110 - EffigBeeEye has managed to foil most of the terrorist attacks they orchestrated.
    129 - POTN Alternate 1
    136 - Just another token diversity pick, to shoe in the commie take over of the Republic.
    150 - Makes me want to be a Kebler Elf.
    155 - Sorry, darlin'. Mom's hotter, by a scoche.
    167 - Ascending and turning our Spitfires to face them. Heading straight for them I press down my guns.
    179 - I always thought I'd have to fight commies, defending my country. I just didn't realize they would be running it.
    213 - Rare Shelby. Too bad it isn't a KR version.
    215 - Keep going. I'll get you a towel.
    233 - I was thinking, Radar Love.
    234 - Another warning turned into an instruction manual.
    239 - Race engines. Born to die. Usually in the most horrific and destructive ways. Looks like a dead Elephant.
    251 - By 1980's standards of calculation, the real number is just above 19.5%.
    252 - In Soviet Russia, Waldo finds YOU!
    266 - Well put together. Bike isn't bad either.
    268 - Phil's House of Missing Tools. Our Motto : Where the F^%$# did I just put that damn thing?! ;-)
    280 - MMmmmm. I love a hot mom.
    282 - Dimples.
    286 - Yenko?
    288 - Yes. In a cast iron dutch oven, no less.
    295 - Dadgumm sumbitch!
    299 - Yes. Yes we are. Thanks, Boss!

    Wow! One shy of 300. I don't know how you do it, every week.

    Have a great weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  8. As always, the women were outstanding. 280 looks like someone that would be great to spend a hot sweaty afternoon with, or just a long afternoon chatting with...yeah, that kind of wonderful woman. As a Georgian, I can tell you that Stacey Abrams is the devil incarnate. Hopefully her time in the spotlight will end this November and her time in a prison cell will begin shortly thereafter. Not holding my breath. I could comment on so many of the memes, but as funny and true as it is, the Dark Side of the Groom is painful to look at. One of the greatest rock albums of all time should never be used in any way to highlight this issue. It is bad enough that this horribly mentally-ill cadre of folks has already appropriated the glorious rainbow of light produced by diffraction, but desecrating that album goes too far....sorry. And while SCROTUS is good, I came across someone using POTATUS...for those who don't want to directly insult the great toy Mr. Potatohead, but want to get the point across. Indeed, a good friday...

  9. He throws down his weapon and spits with self satisfaction at number TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE!!
    Holy fuck dude.
    You are THE MAN!

  10. Thanks, Irish! Best part of the week.

  11. After taking another tour through this morning because this collage is such an outstanding example of the human female form as art, I find I forgot to mention #288, roasted potatoes, etc. Yes, I still make them in the fall winter spring, in the oven and on the grill during summer. I also add several large cloves of garlic, smashed with the flat of a knife then coarsely chopped, a couple tablespoons of basil rubbed between your palms to release the flavor, a generous pinch of rosemary also rubbed, (three/four tablespoons, 1/3--1/2 cup ?) olive oil poured generously ( I don't really measure things unless I'm making flour based desert, which requires more precise additions of ingredients to end up well), stir all ingredients to coat everything with the oil/herbs, bake covered for 40min. @350, then 15-20 min. uncovered @ 400 to brown off and firm up. After uncovering, give everything a good stir to re-coat the ingredients. I use one medium potato and 2-3 carrots (seems there's never enough carrots for some reason), chunked to about 1.5 -2" per person and one medium to large onion julienned depending on how many people you're feeding. The baking utensil should be a flattish pan, large enough to accommodate the ingredients in a mostly single layer, can be glass or stainless. If doing this on the grill, I wrap the ingredients in heavy duty AL foil, double wrap. Turn the foil package every 15-20 minutes being careful not to tear the foil.


  12. It has to take Leigh longer to write comments than it does for Irish to post. JK guys.

    Irish, GIF boobs are the best boobs. Lots of those this week. Many thanks. Also, LGB/FJB.

  13. Gotta be your best one yet!!
    Thanks Irish!

  14. 14 Damn. I hate those things. We got them all over our state as we average pretty high in winds and we the taxpayer are subsidizing this bull shit.

  15. 20 Nice bullets. 26 I see the Blantons over there, I have tried Russell's, pretty good as well, and my favorite up top.38 makes me hungry. 41 Cant tell if she is a natural. 44 Like the Blarney stone? 62 their president is one ugly bull dyke named wiengarten. 64 The meme joke is reading the aerosol label. 83 the full picture is even better.86 look that, I'm blasting them. 92 Yes but the schadenfrued will be delicious with whats coming up for those special people.105 Had a tiny taste once, at the time it was 800 a bottle.116 TRUTH. 144 That's some funny shit right there. 183 Courtney Hansen smoke show.191 Great movie. 198 Funny shit. 235 Got one of his books not to long ago, it's in the Q. 288 crock pot. 289 More funny shit. 298 effing walmart.


  16. I’m hungry and trying to figure out what I want for dinner as I scroll down.
    - Yeah. Pizza
    - A big juicy burger. Sounds good.
    - Steak. Hell yeah.
    - Roast with potatoes and carrots. Sounds good but takes too long.
    - Titties. And a shot of good stuff. That sounds filling. Real dinner can wait til later.

  17. Excellent collection! Thanks for that.

    I don't recognize any of the ladies, but I wish I knew the one 129....

  18. I’ve been told it’s never too late, so just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Birthday cake & all the birthday wishes on 4/8. It was a delightful surprise! It’s still Birthday Month after all! Cheers! Mrs Robinson 🤤🥳


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