Friday, March 4, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Enjoy...







To The Grim Reaper, May He Make Some Good Choices





Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there.........


  1. Number 1 is perfect. Not sure Ms.44F will want to post after seeing these...

  2. FFF this week was worth wait. The popout boobs SPECTACULAR!!! Especially the first one, Best Ever. #84 Trump's empathy on display. The fact that he's STILL in the far left news EVERY DAY should be a clue to the Demonrats that he's living in their heads rent free and proves that they don't have two brain cells to rub together. 200 Yes I remember and have used them. 201 Seen a similar circumstance between two young people at HHHaaahhhvvvaaahhhddd Yard. The guy being led had a spiked collar on and was in handcuffs behind his back. The young woman had a riding crop, although she didn't use it. 243 CNN hahahahaha. The political memes, once again, cut to the quick.

    From my vantage, your few days off was inspirational, leading to another over the top collage.

    Thanks and have a great weekend. Rain coming. Gonna wash all the snow away. Glad to see it go.


  3. Nice bouncy on 2, 28, nice tan lines on 6, nice whatever she's wearing on 8, brawny wench on 87, nice hourglass on 96, nice saucy on 112, very nice older lady on 142, 179, nice heart shaped pillows on 164, nice garters (and older lady) on 171, nice tush on 221.

    To answer 244, it is; to answer 247, when gas hits $5 all across the country.

    And the time to break the glass was a year ago. Some people just need to be hit in the head.

    PS Thanks for the effort. We all needed it.

  4. Hot damn, nice post Irish! #188 is smokin' and she doesn't look like she's batshit insane either.

    Glad you're back and hope you got everything worked out okay.


  5. Let's hope that header pic isn't a portent. That mermaid pic at 70 would be much better. Is that Mrs 44F at #51?


  6. Replies
    1. Layla Rose, Malena Morgan, Shyla Jennings

      Copy and paste that. It's from We Live Together by Reality Kings.

      ( They really don't live together and it ain't reality) :)

      I'm not responsible to where you end up on your search.

      Godspeed jabrwok

  7. Marvelous my fine feathered friend.

  8. Excellent collection,! Betty Page, thank you!
    I don't know you the young lass is doing the Donald Duck at number 66, but I like her!

  9. Great that you are back. Live for FFF

  10. THANK YOU for the needed diversion from the shit-show we are seeing...

  11. Tonight's theme would have to be decisions, decisions.
    Because there are just soooooo many awesome choices.

    2 - Outstanding opening salvo!
    4 - Wait, that isn't some old guy??????
    9 - Yeah. Funny, that.
    10 - Almost POTN material. The potential is there, just not the whole picture.
    12 - Months? Try weeks, or even days, for that matter.
    22 - Damn towel, but a great view otherwise.
    26 - Well, Uncle Sugar wants his sheckles.
    31 - I wonder if my library card is still valid? I like to check that out for a couple of weeks.
    44 - And climbing the rankings.
    45 - Same interior as the Old Man's 67 'Stang.
    47 - The crazy, she has it.
    50 - Took me a minute to get that one.
    53 - POTN Alternate.
    55 - Another contender.
    57 - My soul? Sure, you can take it......
    66 - That looks like fun.
    90 - 5 seconds, maybe.....
    98 - Love a fastback.
    102 - My POTN
    115 - Looks like a great night is about to kick off.
    133 - I got 'em all. Maybe not on vinyl, but I have 'em.
    139 - Ooooo, wait. Let me help!
    153 - IBTC Chairperson of the Week
    157 - Charger 500? Not an R/t though.
    160 - OMG!
    169 - Nice chocolate bunny. I wouldn't start at the ears.
    170 - Rub-a-dub-dub
    171 - I love that look.
    200 - I was the Old Man's gopher at the Bowling Alley. Got to play pinball with the change.
    203 - My favorite breakfast.
    226 - Ah, Glory Days.
    229 - I want to say it is a Holden. I really don't know though. It has the nose of a Nova, but it has Ford GT looking wheels. It also has an offset hood scoop, like it has a straight six. So, I don't know.
    233 - Wow, that is incredible.
    247 - I doubt it.
    248 - My dream ride. The Big BOSS.

    Thanks for making your comeback FFFF spectacular.
    Enjoy the warm weekend. Stay dry.

    Whitehall, NY

  12. You were right Irish. I feel much better.
    That was so damn good I'm going to do it again.
    There is absolute beauty in there all over the place.

  13. Hi Irish!!,
    Good Job Bubba!!!! 'Got to thinkin'... 'Need a couple' a "MK-IV, MOD-O" High Speed Hot Brass catcher's "IN ACTION" to culminate the entourage!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat!!!,

  14. IRISH: I need to take a bit of a breather - things to deal with in meatworld.
    FANS: That's cool, man. Take your time.
    ALSO IRISH: So anyway, here are multiple great posts about the insanity in the world. And oh yeah, also a rocking FFFF too.
    FANS: :o

    And THAT is why Irish is awesome. A great end to the week - thanks!


  15. @Irish: You're a gentleman and a scholar sir! Thanks:-)

  16. Welcome back Irish. Hope all is well. We are all thankful for the return of FFF.

  17. Numbers 124 and 181. No, I'm not crazy. Just needed to cool off after what came before. Two weeks worth of spectacular in one quadruple F. I don't mean bra size, but a few. Thank you, sir. I'll be in my bunk.

  18. As always, well worth the wait. It makes me wish I were a baby once again, just to be able to breast feed from one of these lovely women here.
    But I will just have to keep that in my dreams.
    Hope you and your family are doing well, and you are still being prayed for. Rest easily, knowing that God is always in control.

    1. > It makes me wish I were a baby once again, just to be able to breast feed from one of these lovely women here.

      You don't need to be a baby again, you just need to find the right woman.

  19. Best part of Saturday morning, except for coffee.

    I don't know who #25 is, but can you send her over with six-pack and a bacon cheeseburger on a waffle bun?

  20. Oh my goodness.

    Thank you Irish. The milfy goodness is amazing. (so are the rest of the ladies)


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