Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My Oh My, How Things Have Changed, Remember This>?--UPDATED comparison from The VAERS site..

  Maybe the FDA should take a look at their playbook from a handful of years ago.....




  / CBS

After more than two years of prodding from consumer advocates and medical experts, the FDA finally agreed Ephedra is dangerous.

"Dietary supplements containing Ephedra present an unreasonable risk of illness or injury," said FDA Commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan.

But instead of leading the way, the FDA finds itself bringing up the rear. As reported in an ongoing CBS News investigation, several states banned Ephedra first. So did the U.S. military, pro football, college athletics, minor league baseball, and the Olympic Committee. 


With all the injuries and bad press, Ephedra makers had trouble getting insurance and most had already stopped selling Ephedra on their own.

"I've never seen an example in the thirty years I've been monitoring the FDA where the FDA waited until the product is all but gone from the shelves before doing anything," Dr. Sid Wolfe of Public Citizen told CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

An earlier ban might have saved the life of Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler, who died after taking Ephedra during last spring training.

"Since my son's death, that's all me and my wife could ever hope for that it gets taken off the market, so no one else will ever get harmed from it," said his father Ernest Bechler.

Political heavyweights like former Clinton attorney Lanny Davis lobbied hard to keep Ephedra on the shelf -- and it worked. Ephedra stayed on the market an extra two years after many experts asked for the ban.

Meantime the number of deaths doubled to 155, with 16,000 adverse events.

Like Army pilot Michael McDonald -- left without functional memory. And Sean Riggins, dead at age 16.

Ephedra helped spotlight a controversial ten-year old law that exempts dietary supplements from having to be proven safe or effective. Congress will likely work to change that in the year ahead.



 Reader S.C. sent this snapshot of the VAERS site as of 11/12,

18,853 deaths. That's a few more than the 155 souls that died from Ephedra and the FDA

banned that.  Maybe they should look into Vaccines???  Maybe?






  1. When I was a kid, we picked and brewed "Mormon Tea". It was rather tasty and it helped clear out the crud in your lungs.

  2. Good news, at least the vaxx is safe and effective.

  3. Considering "safe and effective"is no longer anymore valid than the 2020 POTUS election, it won't matter if they apply that to supplements.

  4. Imagine: This is how the FDA approached a product that wasn't approved by them. Can anyone imagine why they are dragging their heels even more about a potentially dangerous product that WAS approved by them?

  5. Another long known herb banned because people abused it (what DON'T people abuse?). But FDA and pals have no issue in selling Sudafed (psuedo-ephedra, i.e., lab produced) because it makes money.

  6. those that died from ephedra were abusing it. water can kill you if you abuse it.

  7. Ephedra: 155 deaths, 16,000 adverse effects

    Covid death-shot: "Hold my beer...."

  8. Ephedra - my favorite herb & best all around weight management tool
    until the F'n FDA took it off the market

    why - becasue it is a safe & effective herb
    can't be having any competition

    and as 'unknown' states - can still buy Sudafed (chemical version that is worthless as tits on a boar hog)

  9. At this point I am very much looking forward to watching every single motherfucker even REMOTELY connected to this entire scheme
    hang by the neck until dead.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    Same goes for Jeffery and his clan.
    Happy Thanksgiving fellas.

  10. With almost every 'expert' and politician either directly involved in the clot-shots development, and/or owning shares in the companies ... yeh, that aint going to happen. (Please don't mention the media or I'll likely hurt myself laughing and I really don't want to be recorded as a chinkypox victim by those 'saintly' medical types after they kill me).


    What Phil said!

    (I'm going long on piano wire manufacturers. Those lampposts will be crowded)


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