Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Rifle Coffee Company Hacked.... PSA sent in by reader "C"



Reader "C" was perusing cybersecurity type news and came upon this information

regarding BRCC:


 This is the lead in to the article at FMShooter :

" Let’s start with the big reveal, if you have ever had an account with Black Rifle Coffee Company, or have ever placed an order with them, your personal information is at risk. This does NOT include passwords and payment data (to my knowledge)."




  1. Couldn't happen to a more deserving set of woke Scam Artists...
    Go Woke, Go Broke...
    As the formerly reputable Salvation Army is finding out...
    I was in the Boy Scouts, then they got woke and Destroyed that organization...
    Now they are in the process of Destroying The Military I served and the Country I grew up in...
    May the Lord Judge them for their crimes and may He give strength to those who still Resist.

    1. The SA is claiming “a disinformation program” is at fault. Everyone claims this nowadays. But SA’s connection with the United Nations and support of LGBTxyz is enough for me to stop all my donations!

  2. BRCC email response to customers (including prior)...

    Black Rifle Coffee is a company founded and led by veterans, with a mission of serving premium coffee to those who love America, so that we can give back to and support our vets and their families. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve built a large community of people who, like you, support this mission. Unfortunately, there are those out there who don’t. We have learned that an individual is claiming to have exploited a vulnerability to gain access to the ecommerce platform used by Black Rifle Coffee. As soon as we learned of this issue, we immediately launched an investigation and moved swiftly to notify law enforcement. We also immediately implemented new security measures to further protect the platform.

    There is no indication that any of our customers’ passwords or payment information was compromised. We will continue investigating and will provide an update if that changes. Sadly, un-American attacks like these are common, and we stand ready to support law enforcement’s continued efforts against cyber criminals. Please know that we care deeply about your privacy, and that we prioritize the safety, security, and privacy of your shopping experience. We will not be deterred in our mission to serve our fellow military service members, veterans, and patriots. We appreciate your support, and we wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving week.

    Black Rifle Coffee Company

  3. Not true!
    I canceled my subscription (I thought) after the comment came out about Kyle.
    I got the email, checked and found out that they didn’t cancel my information.
    I got TEN alerts from Lifelock.
    Spent hours today making sure the credit card applications got canceled.
    If you have dealt with BRCC, check your credit Bureaus for activity, now!

  4. BRCC is an communist personal information collecting organization disguised as a patriotic coffee company. Do not go anywhere near them. Ohio Guy

  5. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of scumsuckers...

  6. It occurs to me, that if this level of stupidity about security continues, it will lead to the rebirth of brick and mortar stores.
    I bought a couple things from brcc several years ago. Their coffee was weak and tasteless, so I never ordered again.
    Fuck me, eh?


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