Friday, November 26, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......




 Mrs. "Smith" makes another appearance this week.

Multiply the first number in the Tennessee license plate and the model of  the plane to find her.









  1. I wonder if Mr Smith bought Mrs Smith those leopard print panties? The clues seemed pretty easy this time.

    Nice collage! Lots of muscle iron to appreciate along with semi-neked and neked womens and some delicious looking food pics. Nice silver fox early on with lots of healthy looking voluptuous examples of the human female anatomy.

    Have a nice weekend.


  2. Thank you. Outstanding. I don't have a clue which plate was Tenn, so Mrs Smith remains just another beauty to me.

  3. That was so good I had to run through it twice.
    #15, it is better than I thought.
    I figured I would either be dead or in prison long ago.
    Most definitely M&M's.
    Every time.

  4. This FFF is a pretty damn good dessert after yesterday.

    Thanks Irish!

  5. Over the years, I have refined a process for reading this blog.

    First, I read over the whole thing once without saving anything, just to enjoy the show.
    The second pass consists of saving off the memes, car pics, nature pics, etc.
    The third pass consists of saving off all the wonderful female pictures.

    These are moved to a temporary folder, where I decide which ones to keep, and put into my desktop slide show.

    I've discovered that windows only lets you keep a certain number in the slide show folders, and ignores the rest.
    Given that I have many thousands of these pictures, this has become a problem.
    So I've started creating smaller sets of images in many folders, and I'm experimenting to see just how many I can keep in a single folder, before Bill gates minions deem it 'too many.'

    This isn't a problem for me. It's kind of a tease, really, because I would like to see the pictures I decided to keep, at least once in a while.

    If I ever find the answer, I'll certainly let you know.
    Until then, thank you, and keep up the good work!

  6. 25 - Mrs Hurst Golden Shifter, Linda Vaughn.
    52 - If that is "real" it is worth a mint.
    66 - How could anything so pretty be called a BUFF?
    68 - I have the urge to nibble on some chocolate bunnies.
    86 - Too much grass around to be Grave Yard Carz.
    92 - Yogi is done for. He has already been tagged and declared a nuisance, next stop is the meat pole.
    132 - My pick of the week. Yumm!
    147 - the infamous Baseball Flasher.
    156 - Ding, Ding, Ding!
    194 - Talk about resting bitch face.She is cute and has other alluring qualities, but doesn't seem worth the hassle.
    197 - My 4th grade teacher quit and went to work for the Sears Catalog. I never could find her, and I tried!
    217 - Speaking of hot moms.....
    228 - Kit Kat for sure. I don't like eating something with peanuts in it......
    245 - Classy and has held up well.
    246 - Some women have it and some don't. Some make burlap look like an expensive gown.

    Another great week of awesome eats, beautiful women, and much Blue Oval goodness! So much that strikes my fancy, it was hard to come up with just a few pertinent comments. As always, the highlight of my week.
    Thanks Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. Considering the manicured grass and the crowds in the background, #52 is probably quite real, and very, very expensive.

  7. Yo Feral, Great collection of pics. That pic of the train on the curve in the snow, I really liked the dark winter colors of that pic, I use to work in high altitude plains and mountains and a scene like that always meant we were going to get our ass kicked by a storm. 50 below for 3 weeks stuff. Thanks for all of your work on this site. I been coming here for years and am always impressed with what you post, thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving!
    BTW: where could I access that train pic? thanks.

  8. I would like some Orange Crush right from the taps, please!

  9. Re: #248 -- I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?

  10. Damn! That was good stuff! A master maker of eye candy you are. Ohio Guy

  11. Is 104 interested in an old guy. No, okay how about 132? I didnt think so. Alright, I will settle for 96. It's the only one I can afford anyway.

  12. #117....she's definitely going to "do" somebody. The question is which kind of "do"? One would be pleasurable and the other would be very, very painful.

  13. I had a girl friend like 184 for a while. The first time you see it, it's a bit of a surprise. But you get used to it. I had no idea until the first time the bra came off!

  14. Lots of beautiful cars and lovely titties. Thank you Mr. Irish for the best page on the internet.

  15. Lots of beautiful cars and lovely titties. Thank you Mr. Irish for the best page on the internet.

  16. Number 40, Miss Louann Fernald. After 50 years still my favorite Playboy playmate. Magnificent!

  17. Just to damn many did not finish.

    22 Joely Richardson was a stunner in her day. 25 Yes Linda Vaughn. 26 She don't give it up easy. 31 Issa Vegas, you have to decide for yourself. 35 Sure miss some of those guys. 37 Damn funny. 40 LouAnn Fernald a beauty. 41 Hannah Schonberg a lovely lass 44 The early days. 45 Marie McDonald is a beautiful woman. 51 The only thing from Oct. 9,2020 worth seeing again Rebecca Bagnol. 55 Wrangler butts drive me nuts. 58 Jonica Keating certified banger. 68 Julia Yaroshenko and friends. 76 Daayyummmm. 89Julia Liepa looks better here. 96 My favorite, scored a bottle of Blantons last week. 97 @sammyjjo hot. Need leaked pics though. 98 Sophie Wilson can surf. 99 "Saw it right off" - Bear Claw Chris Lapp. 101 Betty Paige is always a good add. 102 Carrie Vermieri. 103 Name appropriate Taylor Vixen. 104 Rachel Cook. 106 Eye bleach please. 107 Demi Rose healed my eyes. 110 Another Mate Erica Campbell. 114 Tania Bann butter. 116 Don't know but wish I did. 118 Montesinos Anais is a gool looks like 111. 119 Escort from Europe. 122 Another mate Marisa Papen. 123 Yuri Eram is a lucky guy. 126 David Dubnitskiy is a lucky man. 127 Another mate Debra Peterson the good ole days. 132 Jessica Albanka. 133 Made Kat, Madison Kate. 137 Is that a Comet Not. 139 ooof. 140 Tony Nutley is a lucky man. 147 Julia Rose attends one world series game and makes a fortune. 148 Viktor Stinger is a lucky man. 149 Vintage beauty of unknown source. 150 Nisa is nice. 151 Butter Lacey Banghard. 152 That's a rarity Bee thankfully. 153 Sabine Jameljemnova nice find. 156 Nice maybe jonesing with this one. 157 the Jenny McClain smoke show. 165 Milf Meg still looks good.


  18. Excellent collection!
    Thanks especially for the Betty Pages!

  19. #64 So Sexy! #117 What knockers! #127 beautiful. Thanks!


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