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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I Never Thought I Would Enjoy A Two Minute Video, That Didn't Include Boobs, As Much As This One...



 I have been a life long fan of Pink Floyd since my early introduction in the 70's. Once

Roger Waters left the band and went off on his own I followed both Floyd with Gilmour

and Waters solo.  After awhile I started to disagree with his politics and chose not to 

follow his career. 

The above video gives me hope for him in seeing the light.

Bravo Roger.



  1. The last two times I have seen that guy in concert he has had MASSIVE props and visuals to go along with his Lefty rants against anything Conservative. The last one he went overboard with ranting about Trump and how eeeeeevil he is. Twenty minutes worth.
    This video and his reaction To Zuckerface etc is aimed at Free Speech in my opinion.
    As long as he practices what he preaches then good for him.

  2. I have long been a big Pink Floyd/Gilmour/Waters fan and have followed them all and continue to follow them all. Their music that is. I could care less about politics although Waters somewhat forces it on you through his music. My political MO is polar opposite of Waters. I do like his newest album though and all of the albums prior. It's about the music and he is a brilliant musician (and song writer). I have tix for his upcoming show in 2022. I hope he stays healthy! All of this aside, I love love love the smackdown on that "little prick" Zuck. LMAO!!

  3. Remember that he hates JEWS so the zuck was not going to get the song anyway, but this is the first rant of his that actually makes sense and he is right!!!!grayman

  4. GOOD ON YA, Mr. Waters!

  5. The ONLY thing I have EVER heard Roger Waters say that I can agree with. I discovered Pink Floyd in 1968 and gave up on them in 1973. I never listen to anything after Obscured By Clouds. With Dark Side they didn't sound like Pink Floyd, at least to me, anymore. Just my $.02.

  6. Bravo indeed to Mr. Waters, for telling Zuckerburg to fuck off. Thats priceless.
    And, he's right.

  7. saw them in concert for the dark side of the moon tour in 1972 at the Lyric Opera house in Baltimore. That was mind-blowing, the acoustics were phenomenal. Can't see I agree with his politics, as I don't with most musicians. But this put down of Facebook was epic.

  8. The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range.


  9. There is a group of people on several continents that will tell you that Pink Floyd ended with "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and all subsequent albums should be credited to Pink Fraud. Syd Barret founded the band, named it after two American blues musicians, and wrote the majority of the content of their first album. I have never agreed with the politics of Roger Waters, or David Gilmour, but the music always overcame that up to, and including "Animals", after that it became Roger Waters with his backing band of the members of Pink Floyd, and that is where they lost me, and probably more.


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