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Sunday, June 13, 2021

GOP Senators ask Biden ATF nominee if he ever lost possession of his service weapon. He denies it ever happened.

 In written testimony this week, President Biden’s top pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), David Chipman, told the Senate Judiciary Committee he had never lost possession of a personal firearm or service weapon, but some lawmakers are unconvinced.
Four GOP senators — Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah, and Judiciary ranking member Chuck Grassley of Iowa all had the same question for the retired ATF agent — did he ever misplace or have his firearm stolen?
Chipman wrote back to each senator with a definite “No,” according to testimony obtained by Fox News.
But a Senate staffer said their office has received information suggesting that Chipman’s answer may not be true, and they are still looking into the matter.
A separate source familiar with the allegations told Fox News that “Senate staff continue their inquiries about Chipman’s mishandling of service weapons.”
The White House defending the president’s nominee “David Chipman served honorably in law enforcement for 25 years – promoted into positions of trust and management at the ATF, participating in complex investigations, and putting himself in harm’s way as a member of the Bureau’s SWAT team,” White House spokesperson Michael Gwin told Fox News.
“Chipman stated to Congress these allegations are flat-out false, and leading law enforcement organizations are supporting his nomination to lead ATF,” he added.


  1. He participated in the killing of women and children in Waco. Would not define assault weapon. Done. He will be approved after this kabuki theater, every one needs to vote democrat and kick the rino asses out on the street since voting doesn't matter in nat'l elections.

  2. Add to what Bear Claw Chris Lapp said, that he's a paid lackey of anti-gun, anti-rights groups. Someone should ask him under oath how much money he has been paid by those groups to deny the rights of law abiding citizens. And if he's still getting so much as a penny from them.

    Chipman has no business being within a thousand miles of that position.

    1. 'that position' should be abolished. The BATF should be entirely abolished.

  3. The volatile ill will towards us plebs wafts on. Now...anyone got a match? Ohio Guy

  4. Lying to Congress’s inquiries is much worse than having lost or misplaced his service weapon.

    The head of BATFE must swear to uphold the Constitution. That includes directing his agency to follow the Supreme Court decisions in Heller v. DC and McDonald v. Chicago. Congress and the several states should also buckle down and remove all impediments to keeping and bearing arms. Instead they should increase the penalties for use of a firearm in a crime to automatic life. I think that the following offenses apply: murder, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, dealing in schedule I or II drugs, attempted murder, attempted robbery and possession of a firearm by a disqualified person (e.g. a convicted felon).

  5. He didn't "lose" it. He loaned it to Emma Coronel Aispuro. ;-)

  6. He didn't "lose" it. He loaned it to Emma Coronel Aispuro. ;-)

  7. Worked for the brady campaign - that should disqualify him as having conflict of interest, if nothing else.

  8. Is there a suspicion that he did lose/misplace his weapon?


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