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Friday, June 25, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Directors Cut... Extended Version...









  Enjoy the weekend...... 

If your a Chicago fan or just a lover of watching VERY talented musicians, head over to 

youtube and watch some of the covers that Leonid and Friends Do.






  1. Wowza. Well done.

  2. Much bouncy, much big stiff sucky nipples, nice tush on 45 and 44, nice sweat on 63, nice older lady on 95 (very nice), nice Hugault on 202, nice shower on 62, 200, 215 (middle).

    And 56 is Madison Ave's shot in the war on heterosexual white men. Fortunately, I don't buy their stuff.

  3. I hope you don't stop doing these. You know how many old farts there would be out wandering around calling out "Friday?!" and hoping for a response of "Femme Fatale!"?

    Thank you again!

  4. #218 The Delorean add brings back memories. I was a Buck Sargent in the AF. I was married for just over a year when I had a 5 month mission in a tax free zone. That add was running a month and a half after I got back, I had a new $8k in my bank account, and I had a 20 year old POS Buick that barely ran. The wife and I had our first argument and I knew I had lost it a week later when she told me she was pregnant.

  5. I don't have a favorite this week...it would take much too long to decide.

    My first comp-sci class in college was on a VAX 11/780 like that one, except not in such pristine condition.

  6. Bravissimo!
    Wait, whut?
    Damn Irish, that was so awesome ya got me speaking in tongues!

  7. Epic as always.
    On another note, the only thing I miss about moving from Charleston South Carolina is going to the Charleston River Dogs games & having Bill Murray buy beer for the whole stadium. When he gets on a roll leading the cheers he gets both sides wound up.

  8. Well, we can see you put your down time to good use!

    Soooooooo much hotness, it is hard to just pick a couple.
    I thought #5 was going to be tonight's pick, then I saw #96.
    #99 made me want a better look at that 52 year old sexy bitch.
    #106 ? My money, my soul? Take them they are yours.....

    My mind is made up though.
    It is #184 for the win!
    Markie Post. Oh how I did love her back in the day.
    I always want to make a sandwich out of her and Marilu Henner.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. As always, very stimulating. And I believe that #184 was the ever illuminating Markie Post, the public defender from the television show, Night Court. A perky little thing, with perky little, um, things. Well done, very well done.

  10. Beer, Bacon, Burgers, BABES, and BOOBIES!!!!!

    Whatta way to start the weekend!!

    Thanks, Irish!

  11. To start let me say thank you for making Friday's greater. I don't only look at this on Friday so I would call it all Week FF but that don't ring.
    #56 I've been thinking this for a long time
    #187 can't I be both?
    #227 can someone move the bowl so we can see the real peach
    #234 can this set up be used to hunt Biden's kevlar wearing white tail? I'm so tired of having to empty a 30 round mag to bring one down.
    Have a great weekend, looking forward to VP leaving Texas and Trump visiting next week.

  12. Man, what a post!!! Best yet!! THANKS!!

  13. The best part of waking up early on Saturdays. Another stellar show. Irish, even when you do retire form your day job, you need to keep this one.

  14. Excellent post! Not sure about the numbering system, though. Markie shows up as #145 for me (on a bike!). Enjoyed the Falling Down reference - nice art.

  15. Excellent, as always. If this is the extended version director cut, can only imagine what a SnyderCutFFF would look like!


  16. #240, the little gal in the elevator. That look means you're about to have a *very* good time.

  17. When I went to Army Flight School at Ft. Rucker AL 85-86, a dealer had a used one on the lot in Enterprise. Low miles, no damage, automatic with a black interior. Bought it in minutes. I guess no one wanted it because it was an automatic. I was single then and would drive to Panama City Beach and park with the doors up (after I pulled the circuit breaker for the end of door lights). I'm sore just remembering the recreational activities with the locals. Lots of room as I'm 6'5". Great in snow when I drove it back to upstate NY on leave. A little underpowered with the Renault/Volvo D240 combo. Had a woman back into me at a grocery store and she pushed in a rear quarter panel. Can't repair, gotta replace. None available and unknown when a crasher parts car would be available. Sold it, didn't lose a dime. Now a company in TX is back into limited production, all new. I'd drop a Grand National V6 into one and fix a few other minor ankle biters. One last note, about 80% was off the shelf from other companies. GMC radiator fans, Chrysler brakes, etc. Had the "Secret" note book that showed all the part numbers and origin so I didn't have to buy Delorean parts.

  18. #57. Oh. My.

    Irish, another fine effort put forward. One of your best to date. Thank you Sir!

  19. 254 are you going to outdo yourself weekly now? Funny crescent wrench.

  20. Tan lines for the win!

  21. #198 No matter how tempting... should come with the obligatory "Don't stick your dick in here" warning.

  22. That's just fabulous! Thanks Irish!

  23. #184 looks like a young Markie Post. My gosh it took me 3 days to get through this onslaught of wonderfulnous. Splendid job!!

  24. Thank you Irish
    You have been missed


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