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Friday, June 25, 2021

Experts are predicting.....


  1. Dr Evil is usually right. I mean, if the sharks actually had the frikkin' lasers, Powers would have had it.

    For that matter, if Number 2 had actually gotten sharks instead of sea bass...

  2. Anyone remember the "Coming Ice Age" predictions from the 70's?


    I don't know why I can't copy and paste an image so you'll just have to follow the link.


  3. Those in search of shows were awesome mind programming entertainment.

  4. And it's supposed to hit 110 degrees here in Vancouverstan Sunday. There is actually a Solar Minimum going on right now and geologically speaking we have actually been in a long term cooling cycle compared to the Jurassic Age. These motherfuckers have crying Chicken Little for decades for purely political reasons.

  5. When they really want to scare you, they throw in the word "might" and then the worst possible outcome.

  6. I went to a Queen concert in Indianapolis during that blizzard. It was ~115 below. Queen played their normal set then Mercury said, "It's too damned cold to leave. Mind if we keep playing?" They played for another hour and a half. It was awesome!


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