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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Time for a break

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Oiled big tits of an brunette babe September Carrino shown in close up
746 1000

Blonde beauty Gisele bares her big knockers and firm ass in a yellow dress

Seated short

Busty babe in tight shorts September Carrino posing outdoor

Splendid blonde poses in jeans outdoor and shows her tight tits

Milf amateur Kelly Madison is having a nice walk with her dogs

Beautiful blonde Ines Cudna fondles her great tits while taking a shower

#iga wrywal from The Real Uncle Monty

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  1. Not FFF, but very good.

    Like the somewhat older lady with the pup.

    And the one beneath.

    Had they been on the Lexington, they could have floated her back to Pearl.

    1. Of course it isn't FFF. That takes hours of preparation and can only be composed by the "the master" LOL.
      Thanks for the kind words and regularly stopping by edutcher!

  2. Oh yeah, the gal in the red dress and the big busted blonde in the last pic, they could break me and turn me every which way but loose. You ain't "The master" Jeffery, but an accomplished apprentice... which will inherit the mantle of FFF some day.

  3. Nothing like a little Thursday Titillation as a warm-up for FFF. Rock on, Jeffery!

    1. Y'know, there's a feature there

      Terrific (or Tremendous or Tushy) Thursday Titillation.

  4. I applaud the lack of tattoos amongst them. Bravo!

  5. I could damn sure break somethin' in #1.

  6. FANTASTIC buncha photos!

    But, seeing pierced nipples makes me CRINGE! Why would anyone do that?

    Asking for a friend...

    1. Scott, I had to go back and look. I didn't realize I'd posted one with "mammary hardware". I appreciate your keen eye for detail in regards to the red and white checkered lassie. You must have been looking very hard! LOL

    2. Noticed something wrong (not 2, she's fine as long as she isn't artificially inflated or inked).

      Can't click on any of the pics for better rez.

  7. I am not a big fan of the inking myself Brewvet. Occasionally, I'll let one slip past me though. LOL

  8. Can you put a check box next to each photo, to indicate if the girl likes older men?

  9. I see that you have one of my all time favorites, Iga Wyral, in there............


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