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Monday, June 22, 2020



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    1. Damned straight. They're Commies.

      Understand that and everything else makes sense.

  2. When will the sadness turn to anger?

  3. Failing societies first become complacent (70's/80's), then apathetic (90's/2000's), then violent. And fall. Rome will burn, but I live for Fridays w/FI!

  4. I had figured anger would have already turned to violence against this madness. Especially, for some of the media jakelegs as they are the ones driving this clown car. Blacks make up approximately thirteen and half percent of the population of the U.S. I imagine only a small percentage of those make up BLM. It looks as if the white-communist-basement dwelling freaks double the blacks where this hooliganism is taking place. Still, those groups combined comprise a very small percentage of the total population. This could so easily be stopped, but I am beginning to wonder if urban America has any backbone left among them. The propagandist (media) have done an excellent job of motivating the agitators. They have also done a phenomenal job of convincing liberal whites that they need to preemptively bow down and show their support for this insanity by voluntarily removing monuments, re-naming streets, buildings, etc. to appease the extortionist in hopes of convincing idiots and liberals everywhere that they are not racist and are onboard for change or whatever the hell that is supposed mean these days. It makes me sick when libtards start kneeling, apologizing, allowing stores to be looted, buildings and cars to be burned, bystanders to be beaten and sometimes killed, etc. without any judicial consequences. How can we expect anger and more so resistance when idiots are fawning all over themselves to "show support" for these criminals?

  5. It really IS time to hoist The Black Flag and start slitting throats.

  6. Not my people, they'll even come out and admit it.


  7. Jeffery, Igor, and others, have faith dear brothers.
    I too have long been dispondent by ghe lack of (re)action, and for several years felt it was all lost. 2016 provided me hope, bit that spark was quickly overwhelmed by the tide that was thrown at it, and it nearly extinguished that spark.
    Bit if you're careful, if you're quiet, if you listen... you can hear it.
    That drum still beats.
    It beats here.
    Kennybangs this drum, too, and Big Country, Boiler Doc, hell, even that cantankerous old nurse beats on his once in a while.
    Its not going to be easy. The otherside WILL use every trick in the book and throw the kitchen sink at us.
    I'm convinced it will be impossible to accurately tally the vote. Regardless of the proclaimed outcome on 11/3, the other side will not accept the result, and that goes for both!

    Spicy time boys.
    Praise God and pass the ammunition!

    1. Thanks Anon. I do have lots of faith and am not "giving up" by any means. Still, it is sad to see a people who have no idea (nor do they care) what sacrifices, work, and dedication it took to build these beautiful monuments. These pillagers and plunderers are surely clueless of the real sacrifices, heroism, and deprivations made by the people and/or peoples memorialized by these monuments. As MagisterGreen said, "these are not our people". A day of reckoning will come.

  8. All this is nothing to do with racism. It is about deflecting attention from the Durham Investigations and the hangings that should result. It is about "still" trying to defeat and unseat the best President this country has ever had. Everything is deflection brought to you by the Dems, the Deep State, the EU, China, everyone who wants to see Trump gone and America brought down to what OBarry left it as when he moved to Virginia. That Dem run state is just like the others that are imploding right now from decades of sorry ass leadership. And those participating are not fellow Americans, they are Communists and anti-freedom thugs.


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