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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Scrolling Through Twitter...

  Stop at this video....

  Damn, how can you be that oblivious?

*Irish googles scooter hits forktruck

Apparently this is a thing....

If you're gonna go forking around today. Stay safe please.


  1. Ouch.


  2. Those idjits are lucky their heads are still attached, even though there was no signal coming out of their brains to begin with.


  3. Darwin needs to try a little harder.

  4. what are they doing in those places? do they treat industrial properties as roads? nobody like that would be permitted anywhere near any forklift operation where I worked

  5. People do the stupidest damn things...
    Darwin was on vacation when it came to these maladroits, because it wasn't fatal!
    (It *wasn't fatal, was it??)

  6. It's a rule around here that the forks are on the ground if you aren't on the machine & working, most of those look like stupid people.

  7. I love the second one the way her purse ends up on one of the forks.

  8. I work in a chemical plant. Lots of heavy equipment, forklifts are about the smallest thing we got, but one of the most dangerous. Whenever one's in motion, i stay well clear. Don't approach unless good and direct eye contact with driver. I've seen too many accident reports in my 30 years in industry to trust any heavy equipment.

  9. Considering my distaste for scooters how they enjoy bobbing and weaving around whatever inconveniences them, BRING ON THE FORKLIFTS!

  10. It's difficult to see the forks from the side when they are at head height. Notice the downward angle of the cameras, making the forks easier to see for us.


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