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Monday, June 15, 2020

Spammers Spam A Spam Post Blasting Spammers....


  1. Fucking assholes.
    Like we ain't got enough to do without having to stop and delete bullshit.
    My old blog got so bad after I had started the new one that I just shut the comments clear off. Have a nice day you fucking cretins.

  2. I've seen that same spam post numerous times in the notifications I get from other blogs when I comment.

    Annoying, to say the least...

  3. Yeah, it varies day by day but I get them every day. New posts and old.

    I'm set up that all posts older than 14 days have comments moderated so I mass delete those once a day. The newer posts I delete those in real time. As long as I'm at the computer.

    You'd think Google's overhyped Artificial Intelligence would just recognize the text and block them itself.

  4. Irish, do you mark them as spam so the AI has a clue next time? If not, staart doing so - it helps update the algorithm and makes it easier for the AI to spot and process it. If it come from a specific IP range, it also is easier to block...
    Just tryin' to be helpful here! I don't know your level of computer-fu.

    1. Yes Igor. I do. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 😬

  5. Hey Irish;

    Same asshole visits me also......cocksucker.......like I have to to deal with this stuff as well as deal with all the other stuff going on.....Sorry for the bad language....I had this turd spam me with 1000 emails in 1 night....


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