Saturday, June 20, 2020


The Juneteenth flag, which commemorates the day that slavery ended in the US.

Many folks are scratching their heads and asking why all of a sudden are we hearing about Juneteenth? What is Juneteenth? Why is Republican Texas Senator John Cornyn proposing a bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday? If the propagandist who are pushing a political agenda during "Black History Month" rather than truly educating folks about black history, we might  know the meaning of Juneteenth and the answers to the above questions. In a nutshell, it is a holiday celebrating the the Emancipation Proclamation. The Proclamation was an Executive Order signed by Abraham Lincoln freeing slaves in Southern states September 22, 1862. This order did not free men and women of color held in bondage in northern states. Freedom for those slaves did not come about until ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in December of 1865. Slavery was still legal and practiced in the border states of Delaware and Kentucky until that time (the Juneteenth proponents might want to check into that).  Forty-seven of the fifty states recognize Juneteenth in some form or another with the exception of Hawaii, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They will probably cave soon for fear of being branded as RAACISS or some other liberal coercion tactic. Juneteenth was first observed in Texas in April of 1865.  I was aware  of Juneteenth. There are sometimes parades or some other gatherings in larger Southern cities such as Birmingham. There is a Juneteenth rally being held in a small town in the county next to mine today. This is a first for this small town. It also is supposed to be held in conjunction with BLM/ANTIFA march and monument desecration. I find it grossly hypocritical that one group of people wants to celebrate their "history" while destroying that of others. I am all for people being able to celebrate and commemorate their history along with honoring their past. I do feel the huge push this year is being orchestrated to keep the recent riots, violence, and looting "fresh" on the minds of Americans and fodder for the leftist media. Let us wait and see what occurs over the weekend at these "celebrations". I know in the past there has been much violence perpetuated by blacks towards other blacks at unity rallies, birthday parties, funerals, church gatherings,  Kwanzi festivals, etc. I hope there is nothing but goodwill and safety for the participants, bystanders, and citizens and their properties in close proximity. I can say that I will not be going to anyplace this weekend that doesn't have a swimming hole and beer as "Summertime" has arrived in Dixie.


  1. Irish, let me tell you my experience with this Juneteenth thang. I flew into Atlanta, GA, USA on business a few years before the event was banned in the city. Traffic was horrible getting to downtown from the airport. I made it to the hotel where I had a reservation and on trying to get to the elevator, was greeted with gangs of drunk, doped up, black yutes, half nekked, being loud, falling over each other, and groping deyz womenz. And this was mid-day mind you. Well, I made to my room without incident, took care of my real business (reason for even being there), and left remembering that experience with a bunch of animals and no control evident anywhere. At the time, I did not know about "Juneteenth" I just figured it was the black version of "Spring-break" for black college students, except they didn't do the beach scene.

    Lo and behold, a few years later I was reading Tom Wolfe's book "A Man in Full" and at the beginning he describes precisely this scene and man did that bring back the memories. And not pleasant one. All I remember thinking was a paraphrase of a Cheech & Chong skit when they say "No time is the right time to be in this here neighborhood!" And I got out damn quick!

    Your description is far too innocent and nice to what this "event" has devolved into. This is nothing of a celebration about emancipation but a reason to party and go crazy. Do a search, I doubt you will find little about the real reason for the day and politicians groveling to make it a "National Holiday" is a disgrace. They, the politicians, should just bend over and take one for the team instead of subjecting the entire country to this, disgrace.

    1. It was called Freaknik. As you saw, it got out of hand and Atlanta became repellent to sane people.

    2. Yes you are correct. Freaknik. That is it. I couldn't remember that shit. I'm an old guy now and my memory is not so good but thanks for reminding me.

  2. Another Hallmark holiday... I will be sure to wear my loin cloth with nutten' underneath with a bone in my nose whilst eating fried chicken and watermelon. We have to endure black history in February, now a June debacle masquerading as legitimate.

  3. And, of course, the fact that it has everything to do with white people creating the circumstances for it will be erased.

    PS Cornyn is a Whig and a NeverTrumper. It's a gesture to keep the Lefties away.

    Howsomever, after the past couple of weeks, I don't think it's going anywhere,

  4. Juneteenth should be hijacked by the steak and blowjob crowd....

  5. Cornyn time and time again, demonstrates that he is a RINO and needs to be sent packing.

  6. The people who support Juneteenth?????? can take it off in lieu of Columbus Day, George Washington's and or Lincoln's birthdays They Can pick up to two not all three and those that do NOT support can take any one of the same holidays in lieu of Juneteenth???????? .

  7. I was born on June 19th, 1946 (Juneteenth). I am white. I grew up in Houston Texas. On my tenth birthday, about 15 of my neighborhood friends organized a trip to Playland Park, an amusement park (with wooden roller coaster) located on South Main Street. This is near where the future Astrodome and AstroWorld were built. When we arrived at Playland park, all we could see on the roller coaster were black people. At the ticket counter, we were told that only black people were allowed today in celebration of Juneteenth. OK, we loaded back up into our station wagons and headed to the San Jacinto monument. Had a great time.
    We really weren't affected at all about being denied entry to playland park. It was 1956, and it was only later in life that I realized (jokeingly) that we were probably among the first victim's of reverse discrimination.
    But I did learn at an early age what Juneteenth was. It was the date news reached Texas of the emancipation proclamation. The actual proclamation itself was months (almost a year) earlier, but in 1862 we did not have Instant Jet News (a Houston radio station). Depending on what the news was, some of this was deliberate. In this case it probably was deliberate, as it was not uncommon to keep the black man in the dark as much as possible. But Juneteenth has remained somewhat obscure. Many black people I knew did not even know about it, and when I told them they didn't seem to care much.
    So today, things can be re-appropriated to fit whatever imaginable purpose. In this case, June 19th is not necessarily important, and at best would only have relevance in Texas. National Holiday? My mother was born on July 4th, and when she was a little girl, thought the whole country was celebrating her birthday. I could do the same thing.


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