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Friday, June 19, 2020

and, Each One Of Us Has Our List of Shit...


  1. The list got so long the bottom started dragging on the ground.

  2. Well, yeah - but what do you expect from 67 trips around the sun?

  3. I quit writing shit down 4 years ago.

    Off topic, and it may be nothing to get concerned about, the ace of spades hq blog has been down for over an hour with no indication why.

  4. https://www.georgialeo.org/post/apd?fbclid=IwAR3MZmkEs6zxbHNqSfpdvuGV2JjG7bUmyEQU5t86xHd0OwYZt6qNBNLrYqo

  5. I did think about this the other day from an economic POV.
    I entered the work force when Reagan was elected - 18% Interest rates and a recession
    I lived in TX in '85 when the biggest economic collapse since '29 occurred (Savings / Loan failures)
    1987 stock market crash ~ 25%
    2000 We had the Y2K bs
    2001 9-11
    2002 dot.com bust
    2008/2009 Housing market collapse
    2015 the stock market got dicey for a while, still don't know why.
    2020 Wuhan flu
    Only thing I will add 'politically' during this whole time are middle east wars and eastern Europe / Russia bs. It is like George Orwell wrote, we are constantly at war.

  6. If you can't look back and think" Damn how did I get in this mess?" ever once in a while, maybe you need to pull off the training wheels, disconnect the governor, and crack the throttle wide open just to blow the carbon out of your pipes, and your life.
    "A good life isn't measured by how many breaths you take, but how many time it steals your breath away"


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