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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Was Ahmaud really just out for a jog? Was this a citizens arrest gone awry? Was it a case where a repeat offender got caught trying to burglarize a home and then was chased down and shot as he tried to take a shotgun from the homeowner? Were the father and son racists just out hunting black men? There isn't enough reliable information to call it.

Trayvon Martin Redeux

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this controversial shooting that took place in Brunswick, GA back in February. The media, as usual, is using this shooting to divide a community by omitting important facts and  embellishing half truths. Arbery's (alleged burglar who ran) troubles are now over and the McMichael's (the guys in the truck who shot Arbery and in my opinion, screwed up) are just beginning. Naturally, Joe Biden, Lebron James, and others have jumped on the bandwagon to appease certain groups and demonize others. Where were these "do-gooders" and their outrage two years ago when two young black males walked up to a young white mother pushing her infant son in a stroller, shot her, and then shot her 13 month old baby with the "bluest eyes" right between them? This took place in the same city while the two young black males were attempting to rob her? 

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  1. Heard about all I care to about this. I think the ignorant white boys fucked up even if the black boy was doing wrong, but killing him in the street was not right. They started the shit now they will have to finish it. Fuck them.

  2. Let's not ever forget these victims either:

  3. Yeh, this is gonna be a shit show with all of the usual race baiters already trying to suck up all of the oxygen.

    and other news... check out the obamagate thread on twitter for a real hoot.



  4. Good question. After seeing countless reports of police shootings of black people by police or
    private citizen, we are always treated to video of a greiving welfare mother saying "He was a nice
    boy" and he "Never dintoo nuthin'" The media always piles on the BS about the "victim" being
    a star high school basketball or football player. Does any really believe the violent gangbanger
    wannabe Trayvon Martin was on a path to be an aeronautal engineer?

    The solution is simple. Whenever the greiving mother starts yapping about how good her son was,
    that should be seen as grounds to waive access to her sons sealed Juvinile records!

    1. Two white men shot one black guy to death in GA and the media/left looses their shit. Blacks shoot FIVE blacks at an CORONA party in a city park and their isn't any mention of race, names, etc. This happened in Ft. Worth over the weekend. Many blacks, the left, and media still try to blame Trump for this type of behavior and the spread of COVID-19. There is zero responsibility for reckless behavior. It seems it is always the fault of someone else. Here was the headline from FOX: "5 shot at crowded Texas corona virus party in park: police". Below is the link. Keep in mind this is FOX (the voice of he RIGHT, yeah right!). As a note, notice in the original story how these same commies use a seven year old prom picture in an attempt to portray Arbery as something other than what he is. This is not reporting. This is propaganda.


  5. The link will most likely never be mentioned on the national snooze shows. A commenter in the link using the name "hauser slot" has a good observation about arbery jogging.


  6. Hi Irish!!,
    Good Questions... The scenario seems to fall in that direction>>>>
    I don't care what any idiots say.......
    "BLACK IS NOT THE NEW WHITE!!!!!!!!!!"

  7. The media with its divisive New World Order goals will continue to break up our communities till we push them back. Get to the heart of the matter!!

  8. Where did the jogger live?
    Did he have a job?
    Was he on probation?
    Who attacks a guy holding a shotgun?

    1. 'Who attacks a guy holding a shotgun?'

      Attacking a guy holding a shotgun worked every other time Ahmaud attacked a guy holding a shotgun.
      Then, one time it failed, and everybody makes a big deal out of it.

  9. I've read that most large city police departments could be reduced by 90% if there were no blacks living in them. I avoid large cities like the plague. My new home town has a population of ~800 and is 99% white.

  10. There is more to the story here, as usual. Don't listen to the race baiting cut and dried MSM version. The public doesn't have all the facts. This is a political case.

  11. We all know the score. 13.5 % of the population commits what, 55% of the crimes and 80+% of violent crime? Something like that. In the end, people have enough and start sending thuglife over the glittering rainbow bridge.

    Still, I'm holding fire on this case until we get more info. Not that AA looks good.

  12. Things we DO know-
    The media is lying.
    The video doesn't cover the entire encounter.
    The media is lying.
    BLM are a communist front group.
    The media is lying.
    Miss anything?


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